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E3: Metal Gear Solid Rising image

E3: Metal Gear Solid Rising image

Microsoft just unleashed their E3 images, first out is a single one from Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

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Commented on 2010-06-14 23:34:58
Wow look..nothing.
Commented on 2010-06-14 23:36:10
the footage for this game was nothing short of mindbending - cannot wait to get my grips around this one...
Commented on 2010-06-14 23:38:22
Fantastic trailer, day 1.

Raiden showed how badass he can be next to Ryu Hayabusa.

But where is HD trailer, I want it :)
Commented on 2010-06-14 23:40:24
You can cut ANYTHING!!

Sorry but that was kinda ridiculous
Commented on 2010-06-14 23:45:04
Not when its true!

Show me ONE single title that lets you cut anything in any direction and multiple times.

I am one big fanboy of this genre and I cant think of any.

Seeing Raiden cut both legs, half the body and the arm off in the air and walk away is just pure badass!
Not even NG2 had this, that one was 3 decapitation at most, but mostly 1 and 2.

Not only that, but the decapitations isnt scripted, non of the cutting is.
Things and enemies will be cut precisly how the sword goes through, crazy stuff really.

Raiden + Ryu = badass characters I have seen so far.
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:01:47
Graphics are slick
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:03:29
@ Sath

Sure it's something new and innovative but I just can't see it implemented well into a decent gamplay...
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:13:00 In reply to Anvil
Posted by Anvil
@ Sath

Sure it's something new and innovative but I just can't see it implemented well into a decent gamplay...
Well thats a personal opinion, what I saw i loved it alot.
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:13:15
This was the only thing to really interest me from the Micro$oft conference, It looked a little slow compared to Ninja Gaiden but otherwise stunning.
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:33:26
visuals are nice.. and easily demonstrate that MGS4 could of looked equally as visually impressive on the 360 had it hit on several billion discs.

But i question just how great a metal gear game will be when it's pure hack'n slash.. rather than "stealth"
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:34:35
Thsi game will be insane!!

I hope for good animations and great gameplay!!
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:36:22
Sorry Sath, but I have no idea why you are going so hype crazy for this game. It looks slow, sluggish, and one dimensional from what they showed. Never did we see him moving super fast nor requiring any kind of deep combat. He slowly walked by some pillars and cut them while the guys under it just stood there staring at him.

I'm not gonna say the gameplay will be bad, as we have seen so little of it. But how seeing him cutting things in mulitple angles is worth all the uber hype so very, very far beyond my grasp.

If we see other footage of him flipping and running and diving etc in very fast paced action gameplay I might be psyched, but from what we saw I got the impression it was NOT deep at all in terms of gameplay.

Not trying to piss on anyone's parade as it very well might be a great game, it just seems odd how uber hyped some people are from that small bit of gameplay.

Cutting a truck and watermelon in 20 different ways means nothing to me. Cutting a guy up into little pieces might look cool the first couple times you do it, but I have no idea how that itself is going to equal any kind of challenging and exciting gameplay.

I am interested to see more though. I never liked the MGS games much at all so we'll see what this offers.
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:45:00
you can see Raiden moving quicky and swiftly, and at other times apparently slowing down time itself (or moving so fast as to slow everything else) giving him the chance to do his insane slicing and dicing in slow - mo. Either way, it was seconds of gameplay so dont jump to conclusions. What I saw looked awesome. Sath likes it, let him ..Its his opinion and he has every right to like or dislike it, hype up or hype down whatever he feels kay
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:45:41
This game is definitely one of the surprises of E3 for me.
Commented on 2010-06-15 00:52:23
It might be slower than NG2 Raiden is cybernetic for all we know he could be "lightning" fast later on, but adding the traditional MGS-ish cutscenes, story, music, style, art design...etc. all these things combined in one package in a genre I love leaves me in awe.

After what saw how Ryu looked in NG1 I always loved to have a slick cybernetic ninja look, Raiden's MGS4 design fit the profile perfectly!
And then the cutscenes was showned in MGS4, I knew Raiden would be perfect for a Ninja Gaiden type of game, and so here it is by surprise.

It is like my dream title of both music, art and genre merged together...I never knew it would happen, let alone from MGS and coming from Metal Gear Solid universe which I love.

It might be slower, but so was NG1 and I loved it to death.

Maybe its me, but when I see something at first glance I know if it is for me or not...MGS Rising is that title. I NEVER hype a title if I hesitate, Rising is just that badass, I woudlnt be surprised if it took NGs place in my heart if Hayashi doesn't come up with something badass for NG3.
But Ryu will always have a place in my heart as the best character in gaming I have seen and used, Raiden is now going to join him.

Atleast it wasent CG or smoke and mirrors considering people at Kojima doesnt do that with MGS titles.

You say "Cutting a guy up into little pieces might look cool the first couple times you do it, but I have no idea how that itself is going to equal any kind of challenging and exciting gameplay. "

Then you havent played NG2/S2.
It is extremely fun to build combos and end it with a decapitation and run away from a cool battle.
Thats what makes a character badass, mostly cool ninjas. You do combos and end with a nice quick slash to end their life and leave the scene quickly.

The thing is, in NG2/S2, all the decapitations on the bodies is scripted, but what I love about MGS Rising what they showed is, nothing is scripted.
You can cut from any angle you want, how may times you want.

I hope the game has a manual cutting and automatic cutting.
Basically cut the enemies bodies automatic, but if you really want to go far you manually do it.
Its a very cool mechanic for a hack and slash fanatic, havent been done before so I am intrigued.

On top of that awesomeness...Raiden is all about this "lightning" and I am a big lightning/thunder buff you wouldnt believe.
The sound, color, shape...etc. just awesome.

You guys might not understand why exactly, but trust me, I wouldnt hype a title this much for myself if I wasent so certain of me loving it.

PS. Only thing I dont like about his design is the feet, looks like high heels LOL
I dont know wtf the designer was thinking :P
Commented on 2010-06-15 01:04:27
If this is simply a hack-n-slash with slow-mo limb chopping, this is gonna severely disappoint me.
Commented on 2010-06-15 01:16:27
Slow mo is probably something I personally so far call "precision cutting".
Goes into another mode were the game slows down and you can manually choose whatever angle and have fun with it.
Kind of like MGS4 swap that goes from TPS to FPS, just a guess.

The game definitely has quick cutting because ALL enemies died with one flash and they got decapitated.
This game isnt your traditional combo game though atleast it doesnt seem like it if they die with one slash, might have more MGS elements than a straight out NG type.

Something tells me they have more elements to the gameplay other than hack and slash your way through because we didnt see any combos, just cool swings and the enemies was dead.
Commented on 2010-06-15 01:30:00
i liked it. it has my seal of approval.

need a HD trailer pronto!
Commented on 2010-06-15 02:22:35
awesome trailer!!! Though the enemies looked too passive and I also (like others) wonder how this "you can cut anything" stuff will make an interesting and challenging game. Guess we have to wait for some first hands-on impressions
Commented on 2010-06-15 05:13:47
Why I ask, why is Kojima so above and beyond EVERYONE when it comes to cutscenes?

It's not even funny.
Commented on 2010-06-15 05:18:27
@Sath, first of all, don't listen to that other guy, I never tried to keep you from being hyped for this game, I was simply stating why I am so confused by those who are so blown away by the tiny piece of gameplay we saw. I have no problem if you are hyped, I think you realize that, I'm just saying why I'm confused by some reactions.

As for NGS2, yeah I played it and liked it a lot. Not nearly as good as NGB but still a far superior and more rewarding challenge than other hack 'n slash games with the exception of Bayonetta maybe.

But the actual act of cutting off limbs in NG2 didn't do much for me. It's a neat visual trick but, unlike you, I could give two shits about being a badass ninja chopping people up and all that. I love NG for it's challenge and fluid gameplay unlike any other in terms of quality and responsiveness. If hate the characters and story in Bayo with a passion, but the amazing gameplay was enough to make me really enjoy it.

This, though style out the ass and very pretty to look at, didn't show me much in terms of challenging or exciting gameplay. I was just simply saying why the idea of cutting people up in slow motion doesn't float my boat. It's neither bad nor good imo, just a bell or whistle added for the "cool" effect.

If it's anything on the level of challenge and quality of NG games though, it will be a great game for sure. I just didn't see anything that screamed that type of action.

But I'll say it just to be clear to those who are overly defensive (not you sath), I already said nothing looks bad about the game, I just don't see what the fuss is about. I still find no reason to think the game will be bad, just no reason to think it will be amazing either. Make sense guys?
Commented on 2010-06-15 13:07:57

Though, Gray Fox is still the best Ninja Of All Time. (sorry Ryu)
Commented on 2010-06-15 13:21:56
best thing at E3 so far.
Commented on 2010-06-15 14:45:41 In reply to IIGrayFoxII
Posted by IIGrayFoxII

Though, Gray Fox is still the best Ninja Of All Time. (sorry Ryu)!

Ryu dont need cybernetic abilities to do all the stuff Raiden does, that should tell you how badass Ryu is!

As much as MGS Rising was badass and I was in awe, nobody can replace Ryu as the most badass ninja in gaming.
He doesnt get help from anyone, nor any physical advancements or high gadgets...etc. all he needs is his swords and his years of training.

But...after seeing Raiden in Rising trailer...Ryu + Raiden = godly characters!
Commented on 2010-06-15 18:48:33
Sath...the following is just my opinion and some of it is just to try and anger you :P.
You know I like NG. (nes version is my fav. version story wise and all) But there are things that are bugging me with the xbox-Ryu. I also grew up with MGS. So everything I say here, should be considered as bias. ;)

-Ryu uses magic. Raiden doesn't.
-Ryu lacks a fleshed out story. Raiden doesn't.
-Ryu wears leather (please Hayashi-san no leather next time). Raiden doesn't.
-Ryu somehow lacks emotion. Raiden doesn't.
-Ryu lacks moves that are over the top. Raiden doesn't. (see vamp battle)
-Ryu lacks high heels. Raiden doesn't ( Yes I like high heels especially if they have a function ie: using them to grab ur sword)

I wish they would continue or remake the NES gaiden. That was a NES-game right? Yet it gave me more of a cinematic feeling than the Gaidens do now on xbox. Actually it was one of the first, if not the first game, that used ingame cinematics.
Characters back then were cool and interesting. Now (xbox-gaidens) we got these weird characters I totally don't feel connected to. Anyway there is so much I don't like about the new ones that I actually stopped thinking about it.

So I hope the next Gaiden will have things sorted out. It doesnt have to change everything I just mentioned but some of them are crucial.

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