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E3: Parts of The Last Guardian trailer

E3: Parts of The Last Guardian trailer

Trico, now named The Last Guardian, got his own trailer at Sony's conference. It was quite close to the leaked one from a few weeks ago, but with lots of small and not so small changes. Due to technical issues we couldn't film it completely, but here is what we got.

E3: Parts of the press conference trailer
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Commented on 2009-06-03 01:26:42
Aww, sucks that you'll couldn't get the full vid. Going to watch what you got anyways :) Thanks.
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:28:30
this trailer completely wowed me. more so then anything shown so far at E3. i'd seen the leaked footage and thought it looked amazing as it was, but this version is polished to perfection, from the animations, down to the way the feathers ruffle as the wind blows through them. they're the only games (this, ico, shadow of the colossus) that i feel the word "art" can be applied to.
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:30:38
Thank you Gamersyde.

History in the making ;)
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:31:19
GOTY (First time I have ever said that)
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:32:08
Wonderful! The man responsible for this series is very talented. I cried at the end of Ico and I cried at the end of Shadow of the Collosus. The game looks really good! Kinda like a mix of Ico (steath/fighting) and SotC (riding around the beast).
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:34:02
Its Team Ico's ability that they always surpass their target CG's quality. when first Ico was shown being made on PS1, it was totally surpassed in real-time PS2 release.
2001 Nico trailer was surpassed 10 folds when finally Shadow of te Colossus was released.
same seems to be the case here. the target Trico video already had won the hearts of gamers everywhere, it was the most viewed video at youtube the day it was leaked and among top 5 that week.
it reeked with sentiments, atmosphere and production values. and now with this true ingame footage, even that has been surpassed. from character details, to environments, to Ico+SotC-hybrid gameplay mechanics to the art-design...everything goes ways beyond words.
its again going to be the game that makes men cry. my biggest pride to own a PS3!
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:37:56
Damn the footage is so incredible in HD!! Thanks Snoopers & Blim! I watching low res stuff before (yuck)

Also blim, can you please tell snoppers to capture some gameplay footage of Battlefield 1943? I know its coming soon but I think BF fans will really appreciate! Thanks
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:43:05 In reply to Thor
Posted by Thor
its again going to be the game that makes men cry.
Well...not actual men anyways.

Looks super impressive. Definitely one of the best looking and most original feeling games on the horizon.
Commented on 2009-06-03 01:56:30
That`s just.... ONLY ON PLAYSTATION....
i mean, WoW, AMAZING, Holy ....., it`s just out of this world,

And the GRAPHICS... they look like CG + Anime.. that really looks like CGI at some points, THIS IS TRUE capabilites of PS3, i`m even not sure, why would we need PS4, when PS3 is capable of THIS.

This game really gives goosebumps. This game has a soul.))
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:01:39 In reply to KORNdog
agreed! & it seems they have an impressive animation system overlaying the physics. Possible 'bio-mechanical A.I.' like Euphoria? Even if not developers are wowingly underutilizing those tools like DMM, especially in this stage of generation.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:02:16
It's about time someone did justice to this game with an HD video--shame it's not the full thing, or direct feed, but I love it anyway. Game looks amazing and I can't wait to see how they innovate with gameplay
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:05:11
So, was all of that in-game then?
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:05:38
the frame rate is great! Glad this team got good hardware this time around
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:08:27 In reply to blmbox
Posted by blmbox
So, was all of that in-game then?
original trailer that was leaked was CG, this is the in-engine version which looks a damn sight more impressive imo.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:11:52
You can watch the full trailer in good quality here:

Too bad I dont have insiders for the HD version heh.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:19:25 In reply to KORNdog
Posted by KORNdog
original trailer that was leaked was CG, this is the in-engine version which looks a damn sight more impressive imo.
WHAT? These guys don't do was all in game (the leaked two year old trailer) they have simply improved the engine in two years...
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:22:34
This game will make me buy a PS3,thats all I have to say about that.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:23:39
breathtaking to watch - a wonder to play. <---This I hope
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:26:12 In reply to Doom_Bringer
Posted by Doom_Bringer
WHAT? These guys don't do was all in game (the leaked two year old trailer) they have simply improved the engine in two years...
from what i've heard it was an internal CGi trailer. they have simply managed to surpass it. doesnt matter either way, the game looks better now then it did.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:43:11 In reply to IRAIPT0IR
Posted by IRAIPT0IR
This game will make me buy a PS3,thats all I have to say about that.
Yeah, me too. This really is the only game that will tempt me.
Commented on 2009-06-03 02:58:25
where do I go to get my testicles back, fill to the brim with girlish glee.
Commented on 2009-06-03 09:11:06
Epic, simply epic. Now this is ONE hell of a reason to get a PS3
Commented on 2009-06-03 10:09:23
this looks like a rip off of the Never Ending Story.

Visually stunning, not seen anything of this level before.
Commented on 2009-06-03 11:39:35
Wow..just wow. This is one and only game during E3 that really moves me. It gives You that amazing feeling of what games supposed to be - great adventure, somewhere far, in original, never seen before world. Among all boring sequels this gem makes You feel like a child again. And like many other ppl here, I'll be getting PS3 for it.
Commented on 2009-06-03 11:59:51
i dont know whats soooo special about the grfx

but the gameplay look nice

like the music
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