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E3: Rise of Tomb Raider trailer

E3: Rise of Tomb Raider trailer

Microsoft's press conference was the stage for Square-Enix's big announcement: Rise of Tomb Raider to be released at the end of 2015. Trailer inside.

Sequel to Critically Acclaimed and Top Selling Action-Adventure Coming Holiday 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA (June, 9 2014) – Crystal Dynamics, a Square Enix studio, today announced its latest title in the critically acclaimed and award-winning Tomb Raider® series, Rise of the Tomb Raider ® . The game will redefine survival action in Holiday 2015.

In her first adventure, Lara Croft® was forged into a true survivor, but she glimpsed a deeper, secret world. In the next chapter of her journey, Lara must use her survival skills and wits, learn to trust new friends, and ultimately accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider.

“With the power of the new generation, and our proprietary Foundation engine, our high octane action moments will be even more epic. Multiple locations around the world will be filled with exploration spaces that are some of the most beautifully hostile places on earth and over three times larger than we could achieve before,” said Darrell Gallagher, Head of Product Development and Western Studios at Square Enix. “Our digital actors will rival CG quality, and after hearing the cry from our fans loud and clear, we will put the tombs back into Tomb Raider, all in our gritty Survival-Action style.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider builds upon the formula that made Tomb Raider a success, and features the return of Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft. Camilla will take character performance to new heights as Lara pushes herself beyond human limits and is confronted with what it means to become a hero. Once again, Crystal Dynamics is proud to have the award-winning author Rhianna Pratchett as a key member of the writing team, helping craft a story that delves into Lara’s inner turmoil and motivations in this critical second act of her journey.

For more information on Rise of the Tomb Raider, please visit the official website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

E3: Trailer

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Commented on 2014-06-09 20:31:09
i knew its tomb raider from the first loook at it i cant wait for gameplay
Commented on 2014-06-09 20:36:30
looked real nice, cannot wait to play it
Commented on 2014-06-09 20:43:37
Shame it was CG, was hoping to see some gameplay :(
Commented on 2014-06-09 20:45:18
I would make love to Lara Croft.
Commented on 2014-06-09 21:19:58
Her face looked wack again like the 'next gen' additions. She looked best in the PC version. Hopefully someone mods her original face into this for PC.
Commented on 2014-06-09 22:12:31
I hope this will turn out as good as the previous one, which was quite amazing. I wish they would include a hard mode where you could only use the bow, it would be great. Playing it with weapons takes away part of the fun.
Commented on 2014-06-09 22:26:08 In reply to spacemanjupiter
Posted by spacemanjupiter
Her face looked wack again like the 'next gen' additions. She looked best in the PC version. Hopefully someone mods her original face into this for PC.
Yea this really annoys me. I played the 360 version and she doesn't look like the same Lara. What's worse is her new face looks far too generic.
Commented on 2014-06-09 22:53:02
The queen is back!
Commented on 2014-06-09 23:00:13
I was honestly hoping they'd get a new voice actress. I hated it when it released, i hated it in the definitive edition, and i still hate it now.
Commented on 2014-06-09 23:36:59
i can't wait u know? is not clear?
Commented on 2014-06-10 03:44:20
Yawn! The first one was one of the most pretentious experiences in a game I've had. So overrated. This one looks like it's heading in the same direction. Might as well call it "Tomb Raider Begins: The Dark Lara Rises." Maybe if there are actually some, er, tombs to raid in this one, then it might perk my interest a little.
Commented on 2014-06-10 05:28:50
TR reboot was a great game. It's evident when the biggest fault people can find with it is Lara's face or voice or some dumb shit like that. I'm eager to play TR2
Commented on 2014-06-10 09:25:56
Coming holiday 2015... holiday 2015... holiday. WTF
Commented on 2014-06-11 05:51:41 In reply to MrWhite
Posted by MrWhite
Maybe if there are actually some, er, tombs to raid in this one, then it might perk my interest a little.
What are talking about? The island in the reboot was like one giant big tomb with plenty of secrets, artifacts and hidden caverns. It felt like Tomb Raider to me.

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