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E3: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice unveiled

E3: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice unveiled

From Software's new game will in the end be called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and clearly is a brand new game with nothing to do with the Souls series. Here is its trailer, captured in 4K high quality at Microsoft's press conference.

E3: Trailer

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Commented on 2018-06-11 02:30:20
Oh yeah, baby! Praise.The.Sun!!!!!

Loved Seikiro's gameplay, specially the hook and platforming, replaying Dark Souls 2 (SotFS) now and that platforming looks so much more refined than the Souls games - I die more from gravity than from enemies. lol

The director of Sekiro is indeed Miyazaki-san, expecting absolutely great things from this game. Hopefully like a Feudal Japan Samurai/Ninja themed Soulsborne - though this is much more like Bloodborne's fast paced action, which is great.

More details at the link below:

FromSoft Fanatics - Shadows Die Twice is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a new Ninja Federal Japan game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki.
Commented on 2018-06-11 04:57:42
Big from software fan but these washed out blurry graphics look very odd to me. Not sure if it’s the art style or just me but this game has a very odd look. But souls and blood borne are amazing so I’ll hope for the best. Should be interesting
Commented on 2018-06-11 05:02:34
Something ain't clicking with me with this one. Maybe the lack of mysterious, subtle intrigue usually associated with soulsborne games? Voice acting story stuff in the trailer is very traditional and cheesy. That probably isn't helping. Plus it animated like tenchu in places which would be fine if tenchu wasn't last seen as a budget title on Xbox 360. Lol.

Definately need to see more, it's not like FROM are proven developers outside of the souls template they've been using for the last god knows how many years.
Commented on 2018-06-11 09:02:40
Watched it many times and i'm hype as fuck. I love the gameplay veriety here, compared to pretty limited product like Bloodborne. heck, you can see even the tenchu inspiration in beginning of the trailer.
Dont get me wrong guys, i love BB as much as you, but even compared to other Souls games pales when we are talking about more oprions). I see why Miyazaki said that he don't want to go back to Bloodborne style of a game. From needs to evolve as a studio and i applaud their decision.

The game will have beautiful and varied locations like all their games. Next week there will are previews of the demo and i hope some videos as well.

btw thanks gamersyde for the best quality of the trailer :)

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