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E3: Short Gears of War MP video

E3: Short Gears of War MP video

I've just been told about this short but very nice video of Gears of War in multiplayer mode. It doesn't show much, but it's enough to get really excited about this game, again. And according to the sound in the room, it looks like the lucky ones playing are really having fun too.

E3: Multiplayer mode
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Commented on 2006-05-14 14:08:49
Oh my god, that's awesome, you guys rawk for putting this stuff up.
Multiplayer GoW looks (and sounds) really fun.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:13:25
wait no cover behind the wall?
I didnt see any. Either they didnt do it or you cant do it. If you cant, then this game sucks so freaking hard, like GRAW. They took out back-on-wall option on GRAW mutli but on on single. I hope GOW isnt like that.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:16:11
GRAW is good even though there is no cover in multiplayer.. btw a think I read that there is a cover in multiplayer,but im not sure,....
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:16:53
this game is awesome, thx for the MP video, cant wait to buy it. A awesome feature would be a MP demo for online on marketplace that would be awesome. That way we get a sense of feeling how the gameplay is and the MP and justa taste of how it can be like in the end of the final product. Kind of like Battlefield 2 MC, but hell of alot better.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:19:16
And if im not wrong, i think taht at the very begining there is a soldier taking cover... looks really good, looking forward...
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:20:12
That looks surprisingly fast paced.

Those guys are rubbish though, they didn't give a damn about cover, it was just all about the chainsaw for them.

hehe looked pretty ace, looking forward to playing as the locust =))
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:31:39
"looking forward to playing a locust"

hell i'm looking forward to playing it, dont care what race :D
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:31:52
there is cover in the MP section aswell as the SP dont worry.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:33:16
this is gonna rule!!!! and that guy shouting "X" would have got beat down by me if i was there lol...
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:34:17
lol that looks klass and since this game is all about getting cover and also the fact that like in the game there was no aiming cursor to be seen. Then im guessing you still should take cover so that you actual get an aiming cursor.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:39:39
yeh ive read cover is in multiplayer. anyway, this looks brilliant and teamxbox's impressions of the mutiplayer were great also
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:49:40 In reply to xiler8er360
Posted by Teamxbox
You could tell that the various press types in the room were simply maneuvering throughout the environments, just to get a chance to rip through a foe with the chainsaw (executed by holding the B button).

Much like the single-player campaign, it seems that lone rangers won’t get too far in the multiplayer portion of Gears; at least in the Versus mode. Those teams that stick together, live together – simple as that. Bounding and maneuvering tactics should play a vital role in the team-based multiplayer modes.
Just clearing up what Bjongers said, there will be cover in multiplayer. I also doubt much will be removed from mutliplayer, seeing as the maximum amount of players at the moment is 8.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:52:26
I wonder if they have different weapon sets. Like a locust uses certain weapons and a Human uses another.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:53:16
Wow, MS has so many killer apps coming out, they have already won the console race.
Commented on 2006-05-14 14:56:16
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:02:06
People really love that chainsaw thing-a-majig.

It IS cool :D
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:05:12
the guy yelling press "X X X X" is actually Cliffy B, creator of the game.
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:15:26 In reply to godhandiscen
Posted by godhandiscen
the guy yelling press "X X X X" is actually Cliffy B, creator of the game.
still needs a slap lol
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:22:45
crazy chainsaw killing action !!!. how fcuking good does this game look
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:34:12 In reply to Drunkenshaolin
Posted by Drunkenshaolin
still needs a slap lol
He was just telling them how to do the curvestomp.
Commented on 2006-05-14 15:58:57
That is MENTAL, I've never seen a multiplayer game look that good before.
Commented on 2006-05-14 16:05:18
comes better resolution ?

this movie is tooo short :(
Commented on 2006-05-14 16:09:24
Great video. =)

But what the hell does the X button do that's so important??
Commented on 2006-05-14 16:11:10 In reply to Vaelwynd
Posted by Vaelwynd
Great video. =)

But what the hell does the X button do that's so important??
While the dead player is waiting to respawn his character is still groaning and dying slowly, pressing X will stomp on their head and finish them off.
Commented on 2006-05-14 16:18:33 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
While the dead player is waiting to respawn his character is still groaning and dying slowly, pressing X will stomp on their head and finish them off.
not one for the kids then eh!
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