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E3: Splinter Cell 4 Trailer

E3: Splinter Cell 4 Trailer

Sam Fisher is once again there for a Microsoft press conference, this time with a well done trailer mixing real life footage, CG and gameplay.

E3: XBLM Trailer
Download: AVI
E3: XBLM trailer
Download: AVI HD

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Commented on 2006-05-10 00:22:01
looks better and better everytime
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:26:50
HEll yeah!!
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:30:41
This looks cool, but whos got the DOAX2 vids!?
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:31:44
MS is realy fireing bullets at sony, this game will rock.
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:32:20
I didn't like the pre-rendered blend with real footage. Actors and low poly 3D models don't mix. The ingame stuff I liked.
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:33:04
Where's Ironside!? :O
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:40:32
I think the gameplay will be more Splintercell then ever but with Hitman Conepts in it.?:/
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:40:43
New voice?!?!? WTF
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:40:52
Doesn't look on par with metal gear solid 4..but hey..good to see sam is back..not liking the bald head..though

Anyone else get the impression the game is more action orientated? seems like the creepy stealth is missing, instead you have rambo style explosions and executions
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:41:11
This looks so great.
Commented on 2006-05-10 00:43:34
Splicer: What ya talking about, we havent even seen any gameplay from MGS4, or maybe I missed something... Anyway, there is glimpses of gameplay in this trailer (very good ubisoft) and it looks damn promising. And knowing ubisoft I know they will deliver!
Commented on 2006-05-10 01:31:59
they shown some realtime mgs4, but it was scripted. Wasnt any gameplay of any sort. Sort of like the realtime halo 3. Its running on the engine but its more of a cut scene. Although I think mgs4 looks good and im a big fan of the series, i cant get excited about the ps3, no rumble? stupid last minute implemented tilt control. But im really looking forward to loads of these 360 titles. Because I dont need to put up with any gimmicks just raw action lol.
Commented on 2006-05-10 02:38:40 In reply to jocumo
Posted by jocumo
New voice?!?!? WTF
I noticed that aswell, Michael Ironside was in all the past trailers so hopefully it was just a crappy impersonator doing last minute dubs for this trailer.
Commented on 2006-05-10 02:43:38 In reply to SimonM7
Posted by SimonM7
Where's Ironside!? :O
I know!!! That stuck out like a sore thumb. I can't believe they changed Sams voice!
What happened!? Michael where have you gone!

I know this game will still own, but Mike brought such a rich voice that accompanied Sams personality perfectly.
Also Lamberts voice was different…

UBI bring back Mike now!

I’m not a very happy bunny about this.

Posted by Slabs
I noticed that aswell, Michael Ironside was in all the past trailers so hopefully it was just a crappy impersonator doing last minute dubs for this trailer.
I hope you are right Slabs...
Commented on 2006-05-10 13:16:19
I noticed the voice for Sam was also the voice for the "Splinter Cell, Double Agent..!" at the end aswell so, it's prolly just that they couldn't get Ironside and Haysbert in time for this trailer.

AiTD4 also had a HIDEOUS voice for Carnby at first, but it changed in the final game.

On the topic of poor voice work though, it seems Brute Force's Tex is back as Marcus in Gears.. But that's for a different thread I suppose.

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