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E3: The Division videos

E3: The Division videos

Even though Ubisoft's press conference isn't over yet, we still have access to their whole press kit, so let's start with 2 HQ trailers of Tom Clancy's The Division.
Update: new screens added.

Dark Zone trailer
Comeback trailer

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Commented on 2015-06-16 01:41:43
Big downgrade...
Commented on 2015-06-16 02:08:06
Downgrade or no imho it looks amazing, can't wait for the game.
Commented on 2015-06-16 02:10:41
The comeback trailer, downgrades and all was the most interesting thing shown at MS's conf for me. The game still manages to get me excited.
Commented on 2015-06-16 02:34:16
Is there any single player to this, or is it just coop multiplayer?
Commented on 2015-06-16 02:37:29 In reply to michaelob
Posted by michaelob
Is there any single player to this, or is it just coop multiplayer?
I think you can play solo, but you will always be a part of a shared world. Like any MMO i guess. Or destiny.
Commented on 2015-06-16 05:39:01 In reply to pikutara
Posted by pikutara
Big downgrade...
It's called "running on a console instead of a PC."
Commented on 2015-06-16 07:46:30
Lol Willhelm scream in the first vid
Commented on 2015-06-16 14:32:35 In reply to KORNdog
ah damn I was worried about that I was hoping for a proper single player, that's 1 game to take off my list lol
Commented on 2015-06-16 18:47:22
In all honesty, this doesn't look any better than Lost Planet visually.
All hype gone...
Commented on 2015-06-16 23:56:16
Watch Dogs all over again LOL! Ubisoft sucks! I will not be buying this on PC as well. Though it does look like a good game other than the fact that they just gimped it graphically.
Commented on 2015-06-17 00:11:50 In reply to SplitTongue
Posted by SplitTongue
In all honesty, this doesn't look any better than Lost Planet visually.
All hype gone...
If graphics are such a big deal why not build a gaming pc? 1080p monitors are cheap and a few hundred more than the price of a console you can have something vastly better than a PS4. Games are £25-30 on release, no online fees and dedicated servers.
Commented on 2015-06-17 07:10:31
Looks pretty good. Not as good as the initial trailers, but that's what we all expected anyways. The gameplay looks like fun though. Sort of like Dying Light meets Battlefield meets Destiny. Looking forward to it.

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