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E3: Walkthrough of Naruto TBB

E3: Walkthrough of Naruto TBB

Let's be almost done with E3 with this long commented demo of Naruto: The Broken Bond on Xbox 360. Our last E3 feature will be a Gamersyde Diaries, and it will memorable for a lot of reasons.

E3: Producer demo

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Commented on 2008-07-25 21:44:53
Looks pretty cool! And please, before anyonme starts posting negative comments on this thread, just think to yourself WWJD...
Commented on 2008-07-25 21:59:59
Cool and all, but N:UNS (lol) really sold me.
Commented on 2008-07-25 22:10:31
@rottingzombie, you know, if your post isn't going to get ppl posting negatively we can try saying this is gonna be much better (at least twice) than gears of war2 :p

Hehe, looks like fun, graphics are yay for me. Love the colors, missing some details tho.

Commented on 2008-07-25 22:19:22
Looks great, lot better than.... UNs... i mean ROAN
Commented on 2008-07-25 23:27:04
combat looks just as cack as the first one. its way too much like a "bog standard" fighter to me. basically this is the first game all over again with 2 guys following you around all the time. i kinda wanted to see improvements in the combat since thats where the first game fell short.

if only there was a game with the exploration of this and the combat of the ps3 version. it would be hella cool.
Commented on 2008-07-26 00:11:25 In reply to KORNdog
i like the team attack idea, and the online co-op vs sounds fun..
Posted by KORNdog
combat looks just as cack as the first one. its way too much like a "bog standard" fighter to me. basically this is the first game all over again with 2 guys following you around all the time. i kinda wanted to see improvements in the combat since thats where the first game fell short.

if only there was a game with the exploration of this and the combat of the ps3 version. it would be hella cool.
yeah the exploration is decent in this, but i agree, the fighting is pretty standard,
i wonder if they're going to have gaara throwing punches again.
Commented on 2008-07-26 08:10:51
Omg!!! I love this game. I really liked RoaN but this seems 2 add much of what I wanted in the first game and I have a feeling their are many suprises 2 come. I know my opinion isn't the majority on this but I like the fighting system and think it is really deep and the improvements like instant jutsu moves and air combat are really huge. I played the UNS demo, beautiful game but fighting is really really simple.
Commented on 2008-07-26 09:03:51
i cant wait for the game just like dasrtist85 i also loved roan
Commented on 2008-07-26 11:00:25
I loved RoaN too! At first, when the rumors came out that this would just be a plain fighting game, I was really disappointed. But I'm so glad that they put in the adventure part. I can't wait to get the game. Judging from the plot angle, it seems like more stuff will be happening in TBB compared to RoaN.
Commented on 2008-07-27 00:34:04
This looks great. Yet again Ubisoft show why there Montreal team is so well thought of. The idea's they've put into the game, such as that sequence with the bridge creation and shadow manipulation, just classic.
The ability to roam larger environments, teamwork, tweaks to the combat. I just can't wait.
I played the demo for the PS3 version and wasn't too impressed. The combat was too simple and the random characters jumping in was rather stupid. I was impressed with the graphics and animations of the characters though.
Still, I think I'll stick to the 360 series.
Commented on 2008-07-27 05:01:16
i like the graphics and the new stuff added
Commented on 2008-07-27 22:59:08
Seems like they did something right with RoaN as I loved it too. I bought it shortly after AC and finished it way before AC. Not because it was short (though it was all too short, good games always are ;P), but because AC was boooooring.
Commented on 2008-07-29 23:11:45
looks alright I guess... It's better than the PS3 game, Thats for sure!
Commented on 2008-07-30 17:49:39
No Shippuuden = No buy
Commented on 2008-08-01 09:13:12
People are real D**B sometimes. I mean this is fighting game with RPG style gameplay while the other game is just a fighter. From what I played all you do in ROAN is button mash the the circle button and ever now then press the triangle button. Yet people say the fighting in this is simply? LMAO

But I agree with the other guy I'm wouldn't buy this (even if I had a 360) or ROAN. I'm tired of playing Naruto games that only go up to the sasuke retrieval arc. I also want a naruto game that goes up to shippuden series.
Commented on 2008-08-12 08:18:02
ok heres a list what we(basically)
know bout 3 narutos ps3+x360.i begin with 1 released so:
naruto:rise of a ninja
-very nice game.create its own anime style,a lot colorfull and funny too.
+:special naruto game,nice lets call it "konoha mode",new released characters,some storyline action(nice shukoku tho),online multiplayer,nice jutsus,a huge enviroments with authentic buildings.
-:special but a bit "odd" graphic,small fightin arenas,no strategy only button masher,a bit short storyline,only 9 play.chars.at the beginin now 13 stilll not enough,DC for money.

naruto:the broken bond(roan2)
-we dont know a lot bout this,but its 3-person team squad,in huge enviroments and almost same combos and some more new jutsus(basically roan with improvements and continuing storyyline)
+:improved graphic,huge enviroment,3 person team squad,story+action,improved fightin system(more simple),bit bigger arenas.
-:better than standard graphic,but not original as be4,in fight-u csn play as 1 person and must switch btween ninjas(no cpu by yur side in battle),others ninja in fight just...disappear?,that "words"durring combos-annoying and too big,not much information about other things(to episode x,x play.chars...etc)

naruto:ultimate ninja storm
-fighter and bigest arenas some storymode too(lets hope it will be similar to roan)
+:best naruto graphic,huge arenas,20+play.chars.,1-135ep.,incredible jutsus,"strategic"fightin system,authentic with manga series,call friends for help
-:play against cpu in demo is boring,may be worse konoha gakure, for some1 too simple(not for me),we dont know much about story mode.

my 2 questions(pls answer)
1st-is demo downloaded frm ps3 store in high-definition(HD)?i donk know if its HD,coz when i play narutos and kakashis faces looks a bit in non-HD.
2nd-when u press down arrow "sometin"appear next to yur health bar(u can use it twice/match).whats it?whats its effect?

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