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E3: Warriors Legends of Troy images

E3: Warriors Legends of Troy images

E3 is not only about AAA titles but also about games like Warriors: Legends of Troy, the transposition of the Dynasty Warriors franchise to a more European background. Given the footage that can be found on the web, not really worth a look in my humble opinion.

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Commented on 2010-06-17 15:53:38
Why couldn't this have been an RPG, instead of just a mere slasher? What a wasted opportunity on the part of the developers/publishers.

Sad really, as it does not look terribly bad. I mean it's no Gears of War/Killzone, but these graphics would have been adequate enough for an RPG.

And who wouldn't want to play out one of the many possible interpretations of the Trojan War, being left with the choice to change history, or play it out differently, with moral consequences for either set of actions.

But let's face facts, the hack & slash genre was already old and busted (as genres go) by the time the very first Dynasty Warriors showed up. Why anyone would want to recreate anything in that genre, unless they could bring something to the table that truly re-invented the genre, is beyond me.
Commented on 2010-06-17 18:25:16
Freeswag if you think the one-man-army titles can't be any good I have one franchise to give you.

Sengoku Basara series, with Basara 3 comming out soon I hope you have the option to try it (PS3/Wii).

That game has your typical one-man-army but Dynasty Warriors can't even come close of touching what Capcom has created.

The exagerated and dramatic moves, flashy visuals, hit detection and a very responsive and tight controls...its all perfected.

I doubt you have played more games within the genre or studied them like I do, but I hope you trust me when I say, dont see Dynasty Warriors as the end of all.

If you dont know why anyone want more is because you are not a fan of melee weapons and magic with exagerated moves.

Its like saying "why would anyone want another shooter when they dont recreate it so much, its all the same anyway".
Same principle. Only change I saw this gen was BioShock and Borderlands, but look again, more modern military WAR games from Medal of Honor and more from COD and Battlefield series.

It comes to tastes, EVERY genre has their own fans and they always want more.
You might not be a fan of the genre to see how much the gnere has come to revolution but a big fan as me seen it.
Commented on 2010-06-17 18:43:52
Not to mention the N3 games that teh second one will be released,you against hundreds of enemies on screen? what more can you ask honestly.

The word "a mere slasher" I find it a little insulting to the genre to be honest,there is some people like myself who enjoy a lot this types of games.

This genre NEEDS more games if you ask me its not very exploited like say FPS or shooters in general.

So yeah I agree with what Sath said.
Commented on 2010-06-17 19:00:51
Ah yeah I forgot Ninety Nine Nights.
The first one was good for its time, but the second one seems cool, I dont know how it feels like and the controls because I havent played it.

Sure it is always awesome to be one character going against a full on army, but that doesnt actually mean "instant win".
If hit respond, animation, combos, weapons weight and hit detection is off then there is no point (Dynasty Warriors).

Raptor I know you dont have a PS3 nor a Wii, I wish you could try Basara 3 somehow, I am sure you would love this one from all the one-man-army games you played.
Knowing you in this genre is like knowing myself (excluded Bayonetta, still got great combat :D).
I wouldnt say you would love it, but lets just say you would appreciate it :)
Commented on 2010-06-17 19:06:17
Oh I will play it for sure,maybe this december I will get a PS3,I mean its only a matter of time,I have always owned all consoles in all generatios since I can remember but somehow this time a PS3 is getting hard to get LOL

If this game makes the combat super visceral like the movie 300 or something like that its will be awesome!!
Commented on 2010-06-17 19:09:18
Ooh, perfect!
I really hope you can see the "vision" of anime exageration of Basara 3 as I see it, you would be in luck :)

This combat looks like a realistic approach, but visceral.
I would say its close to Gladiator + 300 (though I hated 300 art design, other than environment).
Commented on 2010-06-18 11:20:22
N3 2 plays much better than the first one. Faster and more direct ..still runs smooth on the first frame as the first one. Its darker...cant wait for 29.06 when its released in the us.

One of my favorites in the old days was the PS2 Version of Berserk ( was japan and korea only ) Anyone of you guys played it ? Just not to get bashed i loved the DC version as well hehe
Commented on 2010-06-18 11:26:13
I have seen one of my friends play it through youtube, I personally havent played it no.
And yes I know its from a manga.

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