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EGN: Pariah creates the surprise

EGN: Pariah creates the surprise

No one really thought that much about that game, but it really surprised us. The bad trailers and the bland screenshots did not really help, but our meeting with Digital Extremes totally changed the deal. I'll say it now : Halo 2 is not alone anymore ! (more info inside)

While waiting for the full exclusive video of our meeting with DE, here is a short preview of what Pariah is all about.

Pariah seems at first glance like another futuristic FPS like Halo, but this one is extremely ambitious. The games puts you in the skin of a medic who has to escort a female prisoner infected by an unknown virus. Of course something goes wrong and their ship crashed. Both are now alone in an unknown territory.
The game should have a lot of variety, with a 15 hours long solo experience. DE's ambition is to create an amazing game with no slowdowns in the action. The majority of the levels should be placed outside, with lots of different vehicules. Jeeps, motorbikes, trucks, you name it. The graphics engine is a highly tuned Unreal Engine, now capable of displaying some excellent looking natural environments.

Even if the solo mode seems more than interesting, the multiplayer mode should have you drooling. The developers have included a very easy to use yet powerful level editor that will allow you to create your own levels and upload them to an xbox live server thanks to Tsunami. Yes you'll be able to play on any level anyone created ! We have seen the editor in action, and the possibilities are really impressive.
Gameplay-wise the multiplayer mode also has some new stuff. Of course your usual game modes will be there, but some new ones are also there. For example one of them allows you to get powerups for your weapons, so you can create your very own weapon perfectly adjusted for your gameplay style. It could almost be described as a way to create your own character class. If you evolve your weapon to a resurrection gun, then you'll be the medic...

There is a lot more to say about pariah, but we'll stop here for the moment and we'll let you watch these new screenshots while waiting for our exclusive video. Stay tuned !

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Commented on 2004-09-02 21:06:09
is it only for xbox and pc? because on the newest trailer it said also for ps2, but only put xbox and pc next to the trailer???
Commented on 2004-09-02 22:57:41 In reply to phatman0
who cares, if it comes out for all system, it all good. plus xbox dosnt need more exclusive fps. the game looks nice :)
Commented on 2004-09-02 23:54:10 In reply to bamgreco
Wow, that fourth pic looks hot. What is EGN by the way?
Commented on 2004-09-03 01:35:57 In reply to syphon0928
It's a games show in London

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