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Enchant Arm images

Enchant Arm images

The magazine "Lightning Xbox 360 Special Issue" had a few pages about Enchant Arm, with a few new images (I think) to look at.

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Commented on 2005-12-26 14:38:49
Nice, I wish this game comes to the US, oh yeah Blim can you post the video of Gears of War from the xbox360 zero launch event?
Commented on 2005-12-26 14:43:15
Why do US magazines have such poor image quality compared to Japanese ones?
Commented on 2005-12-26 15:27:04
Because Japanese magazines dare to care, but in the west they think that if their mag is not filled with mostly text that it won't be taken seriously..at least maybe that's true. Anyway as always this game looks great, I'm fairly confident of this getting a western release, it will probably be one of my first purchases when I get an X360 sometime 2006.
Commented on 2005-12-26 16:12:24
I'm a bit worried about the lack of news of a EEUU/EU port, maybe if it does well enough in japan they will take it here.
Commented on 2005-12-26 16:34:49 In reply to Eddy186
Posted by Eddy186
Nice, I wish this game comes to the US, oh yeah Blim can you post the video of Gears of War from the xbox360 zero launch event?
If it's the one with the green-ish color, then no I can't.
Commented on 2005-12-26 17:07:37
The battle system looks very impractical. Otherwise the visuals are pretty good. Thanks for the scans.
Commented on 2005-12-26 17:52:41 In reply to Eddy186
Posted by Eddy186
Nice, I wish this game comes to the US, oh yeah Blim can you post the video of Gears of War from the xbox360 zero launch event?
Just get it from Gametrailers.com
or here: http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=1650
Commented on 2005-12-26 19:13:01
I hope it is released in the US too. This game looks nice. And I plan to pick all the RPGs up for the XBO. I would like to know what the achievements are going to be.
Commented on 2005-12-26 19:37:22
I hope Sega is already at work localizing this title for the western markets like they do with other From titles. Go Sega!
Commented on 2005-12-26 22:14:20
This isn't made by Sega is it?

This game looks better and better each time I see it.
Commented on 2005-12-26 22:26:01
It is made by From Software.
Commented on 2005-12-26 22:53:47
what lumzi23 said... we got otogi, so we'll probably get this

should sell well,.. looks to be the same style as final fantasy,.. beautiful CGI fmv's with assed out turn based battle.
Commented on 2005-12-26 23:18:27
This game looks beautiful but it is turned based i think, wich is a shame.
Commented on 2005-12-27 00:52:14
Lookin' good but i think the battle system is not like we wanted...
Also Famitsu reviewed it : 8/8/7/9 "32/40"
and this is the scan :
Commented on 2005-12-27 04:05:28
God I hope this game comes to the US, it'd be a treat and a half.
Commented on 2005-12-27 08:57:37
I'm really trying hard to love this one, but it just looks too much like the Final Fantasy games and gives me that bad taste that Playstation leaves behind. I really hope that I'm wrong about this game because I welcome rpgs. I just don't understand why the developers claim to have used up disc space some months back. Even in some of the tiny scans the characters arms don't look organic. I need to see more curves and less edges. Polygon count is no longer an issue with hardware as powerful as the Xbox360, so artists are more important than ever.
Commented on 2005-12-27 12:10:07
GIVe me this game and if sega is samrt they distribuate this yo US and Europ ^^
aggghhh love it :P this games is a must be realse to us western too can't u like tell the people on from software what u like ? :P i would like write them 9000000 mails that i want that game to come to Europ ^^
Commented on 2006-01-06 07:23:22
Hey in famitsu 4 different people reviewed. Maybe the ones that gave it 8s and lower didn't like the battle system? Well I for one love the damn thing. Maybe they gave it the score they did because of the horrible looking acting out of conversations by the characters.

The big thing to keep in mind is that ONE GUY gave it a 9. So he obviously loved it. I don't think any review can possibly ruin this game for me I've seen the gameplay videos and I'm quite frankly in love with the thing.

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