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Even more Splinter Cell CT images

Even more Splinter Cell CT images

Ubisoft just sent me these 5 images from the single player mode of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. These images specifically show the new graphical features of the game engine. Enjoy the bump mapping, normal mapping, light reflections, soft shadows and other volumetric fog.

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Commented on 2004-12-20 18:43:27
I love what bump mapping does to those floor textures. *drooool*
Commented on 2004-12-20 18:50:25
Yeah, it looks very nice. At least Ubisoft is one publisher that pushes the Xbox hardware to the limits. Unlike some others (stares in EA's direction)
Commented on 2004-12-20 18:57:41
I think this pic come from PC, anyway hope that X version will be same looking damn good :D
Commented on 2004-12-20 19:00:33 In reply to futromurzyna
Posted by futromurzyna
I think this pic come from PC, anyway hope that X version will be same looking damn good :D
I've seen the Xbox version running. Believe me it looks as good as this. PC and Xbox are developed together and only the texture resolution will change.
Commented on 2004-12-21 08:54:57
Textures need some anisofiltering. Awfully blurry in the distance. :(
Commented on 2004-12-21 22:32:34
Drool, procedural texturing...
Commented on 2004-12-22 10:32:17
Hey BlimBlim do you have any idea if the split jump animations are different, bec in that 3rd pic he seems to be pretty high up. That pic is pretty cool showing him preying. Oh yeah and could you confirm if the XBOX version really looks that good bec im still having a hard time believing.
Commented on 2004-12-22 11:16:58
I really can't tell if he jumps higher than before, I can't stand stealth games so I really have no idea how he moved before.
And (IMHO) Splinter Cell CT is technically one of the most impressive game I have ever seen running on the Xbox, add a bit of aliasing to these pictures and you have something not so far from what I saw last november.

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