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Fable 3 artworks

Fable 3 artworks

We haven't seen much of Fable 3 yet and the two following artworks will probably be very little but I'm sure this will still get the fans excited somehow. There has been no official announcement for a 2010, but we should expect to see more of the game this year anyway.

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Commented on 2010-01-13 11:20:26
That second one looks very familiar!
Commented on 2010-01-13 12:25:42
First one has been around for a while, hadn't seen the second one before though.
Commented on 2010-01-13 12:47:34
Fable 2 was very average, I hope Peter keeps his mouth shut this time round. Maybe don't overhype it then our expectations will be more realistic.
Commented on 2010-01-13 13:03:31 In reply to OpiZA
Posted by OpiZA
Fable 2 was very average, I hope Peter keeps his mouth shut this time round. Maybe don't overhype it then our expectations will be more realistic.
100% agreed! While I didnt completely follow the hype train for Fable II, I also found it incredibly average. There just wasnt anything that stood out to make it fantastic in any one way. It was incredibly linear and very reminiscent of a last gen game. Visuals were nice and there was a little bit of freedom, but it was a very confined freedom that made exploration pointless. On top of that, the constant loading after only traveling short distances was very annoying and did a lot to break the momentum any one area gave the game.

I really wish they wouldve just waited until next gen to bring out a sequel. The only thing I can hope for with Fable III is the sort of interaction shown in the Milo demo with townsfolk. That would make me very happy.
Commented on 2010-01-13 13:55:26 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
That second one looks very familiar!
Indeed it does, haha!
Commented on 2010-01-13 14:55:48
Fourth pic looks insane!!
Commented on 2010-01-13 14:57:55
though i'm looking forward to this..i've a bad feeling that microsofts constant increasing greed will sour the experience for me. There's already rumours going around that stores will be offering micro-transaction's. And the way things are going with how microsoft attempt to push DLC onto you you can bet that you'll come across the odd locked door/create/weapons/characters in game that handily reminds you to "BUY THE DLC!!".

It's always awesome to buy a game on release day and see locked content on the disc - forza 3
Commented on 2010-01-13 15:07:26 In reply to OpiZA

Nope looks like he's already done it, already announced that Natal going to play role in the game and a heir system.
Commented on 2010-01-13 15:41:28
Bundle with Fable III and Natal confrimed.
Commented on 2010-01-13 15:57:42
@bleachedsmiles: yeah, I hate this about Dragon Age as well ... oh wait.
Commented on 2010-01-13 17:13:54 In reply to IRAIPT0IR
Posted by IRAIPT0IR
Fourth pic looks insane!!
What fourth pic?
Commented on 2010-01-13 17:27:55 In reply to IRAIPT0IR
Posted by IRAIPT0IR
Fourth pic looks insane!!

Anyway, highhopes.
Commented on 2010-01-13 17:54:42
Fable 1, "unparalelled emotional response never before seen in a game." -Molyneux
Press X to fart. Press X to marry.

Fable 2, "unparalelled emotional intensity never before realized in a game. You actually FEEL like you're falling in love! Your dog actually LOVES you, there is no dog button, THINK about what that means!" -Molyneux
Press X to fart. Press X to make joke. Press X to marry.
Dog-arrow displaying treasure, an interface-arrow would have been to simple.

Honestly, i couldnt care less about Fable 3.
Press X AND Y to fart this time, perhaps? Maby you need to make fart-joke combo's this time? Holy, spectacular stuff.
Commented on 2010-01-13 17:59:03
if in doubt, fart. Words to live by. I look forward to farting into Natal for reals... i just hope it doesnt red ring on me
Commented on 2010-01-13 19:53:28
I pray this game is much better handled than the second. And, naturally, the art is fantastic. I especially love that second artwork. I even know exactly what part of the world it's from.
Commented on 2010-01-13 20:31:01
I'm kind of surprised to see so much Fable 2 hate on here. Those who I know who own a 60 actually really liked Fable 2 a lot. Not really sure why it's hated so much on this one site?

Anyhow, I'm neither a huge fan of the franchise nor a hater, I'll give the game a chance but will not be getting my hopes up very high. But I do agree, Molyneux should not be allowed to talk anymore lol.
Commented on 2010-01-13 20:59:54 In reply to Nietzsche
Posted by Nietzsche
I'm kind of surprised to see so much Fable 2 hate on here. Those who I know who own a 60 actually really liked Fable 2 a lot. Not really sure why it's hated so much on this one site?
Possibly because around here you don't get away with calling a condom sniffing pooch the best AI ever, nor do you get away with making a small, short game with hardly any content and a shit load of functions about as relevant to the game as a banana is to a car with a flat tire. Combine that with pretty "meh" combat, super shitty story and voice acting from hell and you've got fable 2. Oh yeah, the graphics suck balls too.

I think Fable 1 was a better effort than the travesty that is Fable 2. The first game i could at least enjoy, despite of Peters incessant oral diarrhea of outlandish game design dreams, but the second part did not just fail to deliver on the unrealistic BS, it failed to deliver on the most rudimentary features a game like this should have.

To anyone that disagrees i just have one question: have you played ANY other action/adventure/RPG affair type games before!? I mean i'm no huge fan of Zelda as an example but for fucks sake, any given Zelda game is better by miles. I guess Fable 2 blindsides stupid people by having them buy houses an marrying complete berks with no personality for no other reason than that you can, making them forget what a pile of poot the game really is.
Commented on 2010-01-13 23:10:11 In reply to DeadSaint
Posted by DeadSaint
Bundle with Fable III and Natal confrimed.
A more gimmicky Fable III confirmed.
Commented on 2010-01-13 23:22:00

Fable 3 has been confirmed for 2010 by Molyneux himself.

Nice artworks by the way.
Commented on 2010-01-13 23:26:51 In reply to OldSchoolGamer
GT5 was confirmed for a March release in Japan. Things change. I'll believe it when I see it. ;)

But yeah, it seems quite logical to release Fable 3 this year along with Natal.
Commented on 2010-01-13 23:32:54
Haha... well you've got a point. I believe though that Natal will go along with Fable 3 and also, If my memory doesn't fail, Microsoft has never pushed back an exclusive.
Commented on 2010-01-13 23:39:41 In reply to Megido
fable 2 is great and sold even greater. If they make it a whole take on the genera, I don't see why it shouldn't sell well. But I hope Natal lives from NEW IPs that are born from the farfetched ideais of the controller and not just adopted to make some old ideas from some game come to life finally.
Commented on 2010-01-14 03:30:26
I think Fable 2 is just so busy being an atypical game, it just never really turns into a good one.

There's potential in nearly every aspect of it, but it's kinda just this gallery of constant "wouldn't this be cool if we focused some on it?" moments.
Commented on 2010-01-14 04:03:42 In reply to 3monthsp
Posted by 3monthsp
fable 2 is great
If you think Fable 2 is great, then I'd love to see what words you have reserved to describe fun games that aren't completely riddled with conceptual and technical flaws.
Commented on 2010-01-14 05:58:15
i dunno about this.... i loved the 1st but fable 2 didnt deliver imo... It was just more of the same and i dont like the level designs wich smells of the ones from fable 1 cos of the lag of power the xbox had.
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