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Famitsu scans

Famitsu scans

New Famitsu article for Blue Dragon is here too, this time focused on characters 'shadows' and gameplay tidbits.
Update: And just because I want to, I added some scans of Lost Planet and Super Robot Taisen XO.

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Commented on 2006-10-26 16:26:18
i really don't get the way you play this game........it seems like pokemon to me.
Commented on 2006-10-26 16:28:24
why do they torture us?? I wanna play it NOW
Commented on 2006-10-26 16:33:36
looks good, but GOW has decreased my hardon for this game:(

I will wait for Blims vids come December, that should bring it back, hopefully :)
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:24:30 In reply to kenshin2418
Posted by kenshin2418
looks good, but GOW has decreased my hardon for this game:(

I will wait for Blims vids come December, that should bring it back, hopefully :)
how dare you!

this game need to seriously come out in the states!

i want this game in subtitles. fuck english voice acting.
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:28:18
Yeah english voice acting on JRPG's suck donkey cock...
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:41:38 In reply to Heretic
Posted by Heretic
how dare you!

this game need to seriously come out in the states!

i want this game in subtitles. fuck english voice acting.
Don't hate me :) But I mean come on, we won't get it in the states till sometime next year, so its hard for me to get excited about it. Hell I wasn't GOW hyped till about 2months ago
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:44:36 In reply to ApolloCreed
Posted by ApolloCreed
Yeah english voice acting on JRPG's suck donkey cock...
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:45:58
I like english voice acting as long as it's good. (Enchanted Arms wasn't too bad for the most part)

Square Enix seem to be the best around for english dubs though.
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:51:12
Yea SE always seems to have good english voice acting. Last SE game I played, KH2, was full of Hollywood actors doing the voice acting
Commented on 2006-10-26 17:54:56 In reply to Tiz
Posted by Tiz
what I can't say that?
Commented on 2006-10-26 18:01:01 In reply to ApolloCreed
Posted by ApolloCreed
what I can't say that?
There isn't any need for it, is the point.
Commented on 2006-10-26 18:04:06
@thedude, well, it's menu-based.. what's so difficult about that?

I WANT THIS! (but first GoW, after seeing the just-released ad @ marketplace)
Commented on 2006-10-26 18:05:49 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
There isn't any need for it, is the point.
my question is: will I get in to trouble by saying that?
Commented on 2006-10-26 18:13:03 In reply to ApolloCreed
No, but we rather you didn't.

Back on topic please!
Commented on 2006-10-26 18:51:15
I do think that it should be subtitled. I don't mind reading it and I think like movies a game should be as the director/artist invisioned it. With the voices he chose. This also is for other games like from the US or from france. Just sub... you know it is better ;).
Commented on 2006-10-26 20:09:26
I was just joking about the language thing, I found it quite funny actually..
Commented on 2006-10-26 21:43:56
Such a gorgeous looking game :)
Commented on 2006-10-26 23:25:59
On a tangent, being a noob when it comes to JRPG's, do all of them employ that turn based style of fighting??

This game looks great as far as the visual and (what I can tell so far) story (concept), but the fighting system seems a little strange to me..
Commented on 2006-10-26 23:40:04
It's strange how many people don't get turn based games.

Only people who are new to console gaming would say such a thing, or Pc gamers maybe, turn based RPG's have been one of the best selling genre's of console gaming since the snes.

A lot of people don't get turn based RPG's because they were lured to consoles with games like Halo, how depressing .. :(
Commented on 2006-10-27 00:00:29
i`m turned off by turn based stuff because i find it to be "borefest3000" having to WAIT in the middle of gaming :( for me it`s like a step backwards to boardgames where you had to roll the dice to play <yawn> and if the other player (or the computer) is slow making his/its move it gets OLD fast :)

my .02 on turn based games in general ^_^
this is not specific to JRPGs mind you.

nevertheless i`m somehwat intrigued by blue dragon just by the stuff i saw so far.
maybe it will convert me to turn based games :) but i doubt it...
Commented on 2006-10-27 00:04:25
The game looks really good. At first, I wasn't too sure about the art direction but seeing the game deeper in development makes me want to pick it up. I mean, JRPG on the 360 is always a plus.
Commented on 2006-10-27 00:37:52
Damn it,i really want blue dragon.... :/ NOW!
Commented on 2006-10-27 01:28:07
Well that answered my question! :)

And yes I did come to the X360 from the PC environment. I was never much into RPGs there either, but start getting into with KOTOR..
Commented on 2006-10-27 02:11:39
I want Blue Dragon + the Blue Dragon faceplate!!!
Commented on 2006-10-27 08:05:28
To really enjoy turn based combat in a rpg or to even understand its importance you have to go back to the basics of what the genre is suppose to be about. A "role playing game" You take on the role of a character or set of characters that the developer designates and you are responsible for how they progress. In battle you should be hands on with all of them. In a real-time system unless there is a time limit or something forcing you to use the others you will always be tempted to use that more cool character no matter how much you try to balance it out.

I mean I don't need to see all the inbetweens of a battle to know I'm in a battle with a turnbased system... you may not be moving around in real-time, but you get all the rewards of combat... you see the incredible melee attacks, magic etc and there are things you just can't do in real-time in regards to special limit breaks and if you do them in real-time (you still aren't the person actually in control of this process just like it is in a turn based rpg) The turn based system the way games like ff7 and others did it in my opinion was always ahead of its time. It isn't even about strategy to be honest.. but I feel like I'm more in control when you get to go through menus during battle its hard to explain really. Its just a cool gameplay mechanic of rpgs that rpg fans don't have an issue with.

Again very hard to explain, but a turnbased combat system works really really well. Maybe what turnbased combat systems should do to make the player feel more in control is input context sensitive moments during key battles to make people feel more in control? Who knows, but its awesome.
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