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Famitsu unveils The Sky Crawlers

Famitsu unveils The Sky Crawlers

When japanese director Mamoru Oshii and the team responsible of the Ace Combat series join forces in the gaming universe, it spawns The Sky Crawlers for Nintendo Wii - adapted from the anime movie of the same name. Famitsu has the scoop, which can be resumed to Wiimote and Nunchuk aerial piloting. The fidelity should be there, since Mr. Oshii himself sat in front of the T.V. to be sure the artistic direction would be similar to the movie.

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Commented on 2008-03-18 14:22:18

are mij eyes seeing that 4real, vlometric clouds on the wii.

oke please tell me that these are renders or artwork.
if not then the wii has far more power than i could ever imagine.

oooh sorry i forgot about that fps game with such detaild models (target terror)that they looked realy like humans :p
Commented on 2008-03-18 22:40:56
wow...from what I can see from those scans...the game looks amazing! =o ....wait no waiiiii ! is this a wii game or the 360 version or something?....wtf o.0

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