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FFXV confirmed for 2016, new video

FFXV confirmed for 2016, new video

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be out in 2016, a more precise release date will be unveiled later. Get inside the new driving gameplay footage from PAX Prime's ATR report.

PAX: Driving Gameplay

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Commented on 2015-08-31 19:20:45
I've played like 20 or more Jrpgs
This is the first one that has no female playable character

However, the game is shaping up good, recent gameplay looks better than the duscae demo
Commented on 2015-08-31 19:25:51
After the turd that is FFXIII and its sequels, anything will look decent.
Commented on 2015-08-31 20:36:00
So what the f**k is going on over at Square Japan? All their games take an aeon to see completion and then they suck balls anyway. Ok so some time in 2016? Seeing as how they don't want to commit any more than that i'm guessing we should be happy if it sees a holiday 2016 release then...assuming they don't have any more development snafus and have to push it back further.

Square, get your shit together :P
Commented on 2015-08-31 20:48:18
Looks very nice. But too many guys for my taste. The car is 10kg heavier with all that styling gel on their heads.
Commented on 2015-08-31 20:58:51
Is it coming to PC later?
Commented on 2015-08-31 20:59:43
Remember a time when Final Fantasy had good graphics?

Those two cars are really bad!
Commented on 2015-08-31 21:48:33 In reply to Zat
Complain complain complain. All anyone is doing here. @Megido They already announced that it would be late 2016, and that in March they'd be telling us the date. @BigSonyPony What are you talking about? The graphics look great. @andrewsqual 13 had its moments, 13-2 was really good, 13-3 I didn't like but I know a lot of people did. @yippee123 No clue why you had to bring that up. So what if there isn't a female playable? It's not the end of the world.
Commented on 2015-08-31 21:58:47
Im guessing youll get more sympathy on some final fantasy forum. I think most people around here are sane enough not to be FF-fanboys anymore. The last few installments in the series have sucked. Real bad. Deal with it.
Commented on 2015-08-31 22:14:04 In reply to Megido
If it was any other franchise you'd be correct, however the creative minds behind FF12, FF13, FF13-2, LR:FF13 are all different to the previous entries.

Fortunately, Nomura, who was one of the masterminds behind FF7, FF8 KH series, The World Ends with You, put years of work into FFvs13. And Tabata, who was made Crisis Core, and Type-0 has taken on FF15. These two made great games and weren't responsible for the last generation's FF.
Commented on 2015-08-31 22:23:10
It looks so...idk..clay-ish...
Commented on 2015-08-31 22:35:52
Looks artistically really good and I really really like the fantasy creatures, love most things Japanese but Jpop isn't one of them wish they had gone for a more anime style and I would also prefer they give them shorter hair and use the processing power saved to fix the LOD pop in issue.
Commented on 2015-08-31 23:14:39
If they can optimise the visuals to get LoD under control and improve IQ a great deal, this could be the best looking open world game in my opinion. Graphically it is very ambitious but seems to be running on 'low' settings at the moment. For instance, the vegetation on the October 2014 video looked incredible, but they have dialed it back since then. Hopefully they can get this polished up, because FF games have pretty much always had super polished visuals.
Commented on 2015-09-01 00:17:07 In reply to atkecar
Posted by atkecar
Is it coming to PC later?
Eventually. FF Type-0 wasn't mentioned and it exchanged dates with lightning returns, which also still isn't out yet on steam. They'll probably also list some other titles for steam before FFXV is next.


Square Enix though has problems with pc gaming and quality ports, well their Eastern division anyways. Eidos has 25 years into pc gaming. Hitman and Deus Ex are one of their popular pc franchises. The whole eastern side of Square has had too much trouble with gaming in general actually, not just pc.

FFXV will also be using both luminous engine and Just Cause 3's. The luminous engine has just been revealing slowly it's too difficult to work with. After FFXV launches who knows what they'll do with the engine. They already confirmed KH3 and FFVII remake won't be using luminous engine.
Commented on 2015-09-01 00:34:56
I'm seriously shaking my head at these "gameplay" trailers. 90% of the time they focus on the stupid car. Nothing about that looks interesting. It's a graphics demonstration and nothing else. This game is evolving so slowly it's painful.
Commented on 2015-09-01 01:23:08
Must be a joke.
Commented on 2015-09-01 04:22:12 In reply to mosannam9696
Posted by mosannam9696
@yippee123 No clue why you had to bring that up. So what if there isn't a female playable? It's not the end of the world.
I'm not saying the game is bad
I just haven't played a jrpg without female
So I will get used to it

Ok, tell you a truth, in Japan & Asian, quite some people will choose a game because of the female characters, and I am one of them
So yes, that's a big deal
Commented on 2015-09-01 06:45:23
Oh look, more looking around. Where's the actual gameplay? Can't believe how uninteresting this looks.
Commented on 2015-09-01 08:17:53 In reply to BigSonyPony
Posted by BigSonyPony
Remember a time when Final Fantasy had good graphics?

Those two cars are really bad!
This video seems pretty useless lol. But the game gfx are great. I am excited for this game and have never played a FF game before:
Commented on 2015-09-01 11:24:22
Kind of seems like a "don't cancel your preorder" more than anything else. The game lead just stated the game is about 65% done or so.
Commented on 2015-09-01 16:14:17
Backstreet's back alright!

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