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First 10 Minutes: Dynasty Warriors 6

First 10 Minutes: Dynasty Warriors 6

It's easter, and we are on a roll! Dynasty Warriors 6 was recently released in Europe on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and here are the First 10 Minutes from the latter version. The Dynasty Warriors series has its faithful followers, while many of use have a hard time understanding why people continue to buy the game. The latest installments haven't offered much mainstream friendly love for us: unimpressive graphics and so much last generation in it. Here are at least some gameplay videos from the game.

First 10 Minutes
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Commented on 2008-03-21 21:51:31
I rented this one and returned it on the same day. The first level was so boring that I barely finished it, and that Sun chick has the most annoying voice I've heard in a long while. I got a crazy friend who still LOVES this series though.
Commented on 2008-03-21 21:59:50
So that makes synce's friend and Rab from Consolevania/videoGaiden who still enjoys this series then!
Commented on 2008-03-21 22:27:10
I recently bought this game and Warriors Orochi on 360, as the last game of the series I played was DW4 on PS2. I have to say I feel something is "missing" in both games and some elements still have not been fixed or improved (camera, dubbing -subtitles will do, thanks- the officers sound too young, dumb and laughable, "create your officer" mode missing, etc...). It feels like Koei does not want to create a "perfect", flawless Dynasty Warriors game eventhough they have all the elements they need, but scattered in different games (SW, DW, Orochi). Very frustrating. Now, thanks to the Freeloader, I just ordered Sengoku Basara 2 on Wii - I can't wait to play it as it is supposed to be much better and rewarding than the last DW games.
Commented on 2008-03-22 00:34:09 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
So that makes synce's friend and Rab from Consolevania/videoGaiden who still enjoys this series then!
I enjoy the games too....when I find them for 5 bucks at a gamestop that is.
Commented on 2008-03-22 04:21:20
i played alot dynasty and samurai warriors and gundam of course, but it gets old now... the engine might look a little bit better but gameplay is still the same after 10 years now? too bad :(
Commented on 2008-03-22 16:31:15
that guy on the very right in pic 3 reminds me of the red headed character from moulin rouge
Commented on 2008-03-22 20:39:32 In reply to Real720
Posted by Real720
that guy on the very right in pic 3 reminds me of the red headed character from moulin rouge
Pic 3? Are you looking at something I'm not?

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