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First Flatout 2 images

First Flatout 2 images

Empire Interactive just released the first images of Flatout 2, which is planned for a May release on Xbox, PS2 and PC. The number of cars, tracks and minigames seems to be double the amount compared to last time, and you'll be able to crash seven other players via Xbox Live. The game is this time set in the US, and you'll see some images (with Windows tray included) inside.

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Commented on 2006-02-17 15:24:48
Looks like a Xbox 360 game. :o
Commented on 2006-02-17 15:30:25

for xbox those screens are amazing....alot of AA on everything,wonder if the game will be as clean as that

<edit>omly noticed the big PC IMAGES on top of the screen

LOL!how blind am I
Commented on 2006-02-17 15:30:51
Hope we'll see it on 360l! Looks like fun. I could see this going well on LIVE.

(They're PC screens btw 'rustykaks') EDIT - as you just noticed :p
Commented on 2006-02-17 15:41:52
the last picture graphics look like full auto.
Commented on 2006-02-17 15:47:53
well the first pic doesent look so hot, his face is all blocky, and the poker chips are all polygons. but none the less the rest of the pics look amazing for an xbox
Commented on 2006-02-17 15:57:11
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-02-17 16:02:10
wow, this games looks just amazing! whoever thought that xbox can pull such graphics?
Commented on 2006-02-17 16:08:41
Those are PC shots you silly boys.
Commented on 2006-02-17 16:11:31 In reply to school
Posted by school
?? Having your nervous twitches again?

Post it here:
if it hasn't been already.
Commented on 2006-02-17 16:21:59
LOL I love it when suddenly people think downscaled screenshots from either PC or a devkit represent what the framebuffer will render ingame.

Ooh lala.. no wait its called BICUBIC SCALING.
Commented on 2006-02-17 16:59:01
OMG i remember this when it 1st came out it never got published so it was not big when it came out but the game was awosme online
Commented on 2006-02-17 17:13:57
obviously its been touched up.
Commented on 2006-02-17 18:18:54
These aren't the first pics on the net...

I think FlatOut 2 looks worse than the original. Art direction seems a bit "off" and there's that annoying bloom thingy that has been plaguing too many new games these days.
Commented on 2006-02-17 18:32:19 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
Those are PC shots you silly boys.
If you look at the bottom of some of the screen shots you can even see the windows XP start menu lol
Commented on 2006-02-17 18:52:59 In reply to TheFuriousOne
Posted by TheFuriousOne
If you look at the bottom of some of the screen shots you can even see the windows XP start menu lol
Commented on 2006-02-17 20:02:42
wtf? That looks better then a 360 game o_o;
Commented on 2006-02-17 22:38:21
wOw looks awesome , looks like Full Auto on 360 ...thats just sad....
Commented on 2006-02-17 23:51:41 In reply to HYBRIDTH30RY
Posted by HYBRIDTH30RY
wOw looks awesome , looks like Full Auto on 360 ...thats just sad....
its not that good. the cars in fullauto have some pretty nice detail on them
Commented on 2006-02-18 00:20:18
This smells yucky of stink that reeks. The first FlatOut, while not a perfect game (it was the shallow and the short) had the perfect crazy hillbilly-like insanity setting. Driving around in gravelly roads of the forests and stuff with old rusty crapmobiles of junk. Then in the sequel they've gone all 2F2Furiousy. AKA stupid and silly and ridiculous. Not to mention it doesn't sound like it'll really improve on the concept, just more of the same. It's almost obvious they're just trying to sell the game. So FlatOut 2 gets a "Blech!" from me. It probably will be a bit fun though, I must admit without really knowing.
Commented on 2006-02-18 01:09:49
Flatout is one of the most underrated games of last gen.

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