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First image of Call of Duty 3

First image of Call of Duty 3

Our pals at Factornews just found what seems to be the first screenshot of Call of Duty 3. It's obviously doctored, but anyway, the sets and characters seem quite ingame to me. Anyway, If it's above average, it's far from being spectacular.
Update: Activision asked us to remove the screen.
Update2: The screen is already everywhere, so it's back.
Update3: Image removed, again.

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Commented on 2006-05-30 18:42:52
Nice, even if it is doctored. Water looks awesome.House explosion, nice. Given how much I enjoyed CoD2 it's on my buy list.
Commented on 2006-05-30 18:44:07
You must know CoD3 is not developed by Infinity Ward (dev of CoD 1 & 2)
Commented on 2006-05-30 18:46:12
I didn't because I don't pay that much attention to the industry. However I do now and will approach it with more caution.
Commented on 2006-05-30 18:50:07
wow I like it hope it turn out as good as the last one
Commented on 2006-05-30 18:51:32
is this being by the guys who did cod2 the big red one - right or is it by someone else.
Commented on 2006-05-30 18:57:56
wasn't this game going to developed by Treyarch (or how you spel it).

I also really liked dall of duty 2 and i hope they are doing a good job on this game, because the call of duty series is really good (wel 1 and part two, not the ohther parts).
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:09:31
maybe modified screenshot, but i hope not too much. because the game should at least have this quality in-game
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:10:21
Same as Big Red One (And Finest Hour?) i believe,
Infinity Ward are doing the new PC version i hear not the console this time around.

Screenshot dont show much to me, guess we will have to wait some more
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:10:35
its not that far from specatacular....damn. i checked it once, the seconds later checked it again and it was gone, but yeah it looked pretty good too me....
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:19:27 In reply to Snoopers
Posted by snoopers
You must know CoD3 is not developed by Infinity Ward (dev of CoD 1 & 2)
But activision is the publisher?
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:20:57 In reply to QuezcatoL
Yep. And ?
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:23:40
ok, can somebody supply a link to proof of the development of cod3 being handled by treyarch


Here's what IGN quoted from Activision for the announcement yesterday: "Through the eyes of four Allied soldiers, Call of Duty 3 brings players closer to the fury of combat as they fight through the Normandy Breakout, the harrowing offensive that liberated Paris and changed the fate of the world. Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty 3 is the follow up to the #1 next-generation game and is scheduled for a 2006 release."
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:26:52 In reply to Snoopers
Posted by snoopers
Yep. And ?
I was confused.
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:30:19
apologies for the double post but the reason i asked is because i read on joystiq a while ago that treyarch would be handling COD3 across pc and consoles whilst infinity ward worked on a modern warfare game for pc and consoles (much like DICE did with battlefield - moving it closer to current day events)

from joystiq:
"What follows below are brief descriptions of each title, though Infinity Ward was explicitly fingered as the developer of Modern Warfare, while the as-yet untitled WWII game had no such designation. This would lead us to believe that "CoD 3" (or whatever that WWII game ends up being called) is being produced by Big Red One dev Treyarch. "
link: http://www.joystiq.com/2006/03/07/next-call-of-dut...

i realise it says "We've heard from a reliable source" in the first line but i thought i would mention this just incase
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:33:55
Treyarch? Didn't they make the lackluster Big Red One? Pass. I keep forgetting, didn't Activision sue IW for supposedly sqaundering funds and missmanaging development? I guess this explains why they aren't doing COD3.
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:35:04 In reply to ultim8fury
Posted by ultim8fury
Nice, even if it is doctored. Water looks awesome.House explosion, nice. Given how much I enjoyed CoD2 it's on my buy list.
It it nice yes but you say the water is awesome. I find that the water is just as nice as in Far Cry. The water hasn't improved a bit since FC. Always same textures, reflections,... Nothing special if you ask me.
Commented on 2006-05-30 19:39:52 In reply to Phaethon360
Posted by Phaethon360
Treyarch? Didn't they make the lackluster Big Red One? Pass. I keep forgetting, didn't Activision sue IW for supposedly sqaundering funds and missmanaging development? I guess this explains why they aren't doing COD3.
Whoa, got a link on that? That is really interesting. IW has shown itself to be a very good FPS dev, so you would hope, for Activisions and IWs sake, that they could get along.
Commented on 2006-05-30 20:08:25
water and smoke look way more better than on COD2.
Commented on 2006-05-30 20:14:38
But the ground texture on the bottom right looks terrible though.
Commented on 2006-05-30 20:27:28
I hated the 1st 2 games because of the repetiveness. After the 1st level, its the same thing over and over and over. The character models in that picture dont look any different from the last game, but that explosion looks too good for me to believe. And knowing how they love showing pre-rendered stuff for COD games, Ill just assume it wont look this good.

Gonna stick with Brothers In Arms 2.
Commented on 2006-05-30 20:35:08
explosion look cool i bet it will gona have a nice physics with objects flying around nice smoke and yada yada :D. Gfx is good nice and clean and it's just one shot so it's hard to say something more. But it does look good IMO.l
Commented on 2006-05-30 20:43:43
it does not look that good average...
Commented on 2006-05-30 21:10:39
call of duty 3 just doesnt look like its gonna shape up any better than brothers in arms...my faith is shattered
Commented on 2006-05-30 21:19:38
Looks exactly like CoD2........ not very impressed, and that jpeg smoke was overused in the last game.

Definetly doesnt have the looks of BIA.
Commented on 2006-05-30 21:28:50
wow, you judge a game FROM ONE screenshot, geez, could you judge nintendogs from one screen shot ? can you judge halo before it came out ? could we judge resi 4? can we judge anything from one shot, no

come on guys give it a chance, me myself i think it looks fantastic and cant understand why you want to dis this game before you have played it

there games we are ment to be playing them for fun value, for a story, or just downright to shoot your mates with out getting arrested, why is the world turning into such graphic whores visuals are a massive part of a game yes, but there not it's soul

look at ff7 graphics to make you vomit blood even in it's day, but good god what a game
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