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First screen of Battlefield: Bad Company

First screen of Battlefield: Bad Company

Electronic Arts announced today the development of a new episode of the famous Battlefield series, called Battlefield: Bad Company. As always developed by DiCE using an in-house engine, this Battlefield should be much more story driven, with much more emphasis on the characters. First screen inside!

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Commented on 2006-08-21 16:05:36
Dammit, I just tried to post a message and it totally ignored it. Anyways, it looks very good.
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:08:33
Looks amazing but I will believe it when I see it in motion.
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:13:46
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:27:06
looks amazing, but will wait with further comments until more info is out :)
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:35:34
If this is how the game looks when playing it would be amazing, anyway nice screens.
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:41:27
CG looks nice... but in-game grafic is what we would like to see :)

Good job!
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:47:09
lmao ... i love the fanboys that fall in love with a game by seeing simply 1 screen shot of a game with no back story or any information on it.
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:47:56
There are 2 more screens here everyone

Commented on 2006-08-21 16:48:45
the 'morning sunlight' lighting is nice.. i wish all other games are like this
hopefully this one wont suck.
Commented on 2006-08-21 16:53:28
It would be nice if these were ingame visuals.
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:22:39
one more ingame pic every1!!!!!OMG OMG
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:32:00
ehhh it better have a robust online experience....im talkin no less than 24 players with all the fixins and then ill be pleased
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:32:04
I see jaggies therefore it's ingame. Plus who ever claims this to be CG is wrong.
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:33:14
this looks like those dx10 shader examples....could this be a dx10 game??
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:47:33
It could be DX10. The 360 has partial support for it, but I'm not sure if the developers would spend so much time using DX10(which is fairly undocumented in comparison to DX9) when the PS3 is uncapable of using the shaders.

This looks very good though, reminds me of the Crysis/CryEngine2 face demos. I agree with kuriyama too... jaggies are visible, which indicates it's in-game. They're definately possible...
Commented on 2006-08-21 17:50:24 In reply to JiSiN
Posted by JiSiN
CG looks nice... but in-game grafic is what we would like to see :)

Good job!
I've circled some things that show it's not CGI.
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:09:55
ya dx10 allows for some unbelievable effects but with the ps3 not being dx10 compatabile i don't think they are gonna use it :(... 360 has mostly dx10 support (missing some small stuff but then again it has some stuff beyond dx10 like the unified shaders and the daughter die)

It's very possibly ingame but no way to tell for sure. Just remember, it's amazing what good shaders can do :)
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:14:41
After playing FNR3, i believe EA could pull this kind of amazing graphics easily, anybody remember before when alot of EA bashers used to be calling FNR3 graphics CG ^_~
That's, untill it came out for real =D
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:14:56
I read that this game is supposed to have 90% destructable enviroment (did i spell destructable right?). If thats true, its gonna be very interesting. Red Faction still has the most destructable enviroment even though it old game.
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:20:09
If they fuck up the multiplayer, I'll kill them.
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:30:13
Definitely looks ingame to me... Looks no different than the fight night round 3 engine.
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:35:33
the characters are much more detailed then in Crysis
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:43:59
is this what we get instead of battlefield 2142? do they have two seperate teams for pc and console?

looks good anyway
Commented on 2006-08-21 18:45:48
theres more info at www.bf-news.de
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