PS2, XBOX Wednesday, April 19, 2006 | 5:43 PM

First trailer of Sensible Soccer

First trailer of Sensible Soccer

Codemasters finally released the first trailer from Sensible Soccer, and oh boy - how awesome it looks! The choice of having it cel-shaded suddenly makes sense. The old Sensible Soccer gameplay seems to be there, with PES-a-like ball physics - the only complaint I have is the weird choice of ball-hitting sounds. Hopefully that'll be fixed. They also released six new images.

First trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-04-19 17:56:28
looks to easy to score....i stick with the original on my amiga thanks...
Commented on 2006-04-19 17:59:29
Yeah! I'd much rather have a trailer full of people trying to score but keep missing.
Commented on 2006-04-19 18:00:20
Its looking well good! (wonder if it will be released as a budget release though?)
Commented on 2006-04-19 18:01:09 In reply to Drunkenshaolin
Posted by Drunkenshaolin
looks to easy to score....i stick with the original on my amiga thanks...
I really don't like how the keepers are handling one-on-one-situations. They just seems to stay on the line, without moving out.
Commented on 2006-04-19 18:21:32
It looks somewhat fun, but doubt it will have the long lasting appeal of PES/WE
Commented on 2006-04-19 18:36:18 better have all the teams in the world though, otherwise it wont be the same
Commented on 2006-04-19 19:24:58
I still play my megadrive version of this!
It was always easy to score once you got the hang of it, 10 goals was quite common :)
Any idea of the price? If it's cheap enough,i'm in.
Commented on 2006-04-19 20:47:09 In reply to LEBATO
Posted by LEBATO
It looks somewhat fun, but doubt it will have the long lasting appeal of PES/WE
It would have done had they made it online.

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