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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage images

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage images

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is back with these 19 images presenting the advanced physics engine of the game.

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Commented on 2007-04-10 11:44:01
damage physics in this game look amazing.....cant wait to see some smashing in motion
Commented on 2007-04-10 12:06:55
Looks cool, but need a video....at least.
Commented on 2007-04-10 12:45:03
New-gen crashes. Lovely.
Commented on 2007-04-10 15:13:15
The cars look pretteh! Though.. I'd rather expect the cars to come from the ground with their back wheels, since all the weight of those cars are the engines, and then they would bump against eachother and form a V shape. But here, they bounce off.. well it's not a simulator :P so what am I trying..~

Anyways, the blur does it's work again! It's amazing.. blurrrrr!
Commented on 2007-04-10 16:37:01
I really like the tires, very detailed.
Commented on 2007-04-10 17:14:59
nice OTT damage effects, come competition for Burnout. Too bad FlatOuts gameplay was never much fun for me.
Commented on 2007-04-10 23:54:49
If they keep the PC physics - the game doesn't worth it.
Commented on 2007-04-11 19:21:09
the crash looks OK .. but where the XNA VIDEO crash graphics????
Commented on 2007-04-12 13:42:23 In reply to bama
Posted by bama
the crash looks OK .. but where the XNA VIDEO crash graphics????
I think this looks much better. The shrapnel looked like glass in the XNA vid.
Commented on 2007-04-15 02:08:30 In reply to lumzi23
Posted by lumzi23
I think this looks much better. The shrapnel looked like glass in the XNA vid.
I think you havent seen the XNA crash videos in a very long time. When two cars smash into eachother at 100 MPH, they don't bounce off of eachother, while the body kits shatter into 5 pieces, and sparks fly, with triangular pieces of glass flying everywhere. Im pretty sure the entire car crumples, and compacts, and dents, and the glass breaks accordingly.

Anyways, bama, i agree 100%. Its really annoying having seen those XNA crash demos about 4 years ago, and somehow they still have not harnessed that technology. ~Dissapointed.

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