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Frame City Killer images

Frame City Killer images

Namco released in the last few days a few new images of Frame City Killer, showing some of the important environments in the game.

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Commented on 2005-09-23 22:45:50
Nothing to do with frame city killer.... but

look at these pdz shots, they've been around a while though

Commented on 2005-09-23 22:53:08
This game better have some great gameplay.
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:55:31
These really are embarrasing to look at... i'm getting a dreamcast
Commented on 2005-09-23 22:59:38
The inside of the casino looks gorgeous.

The premise of the game still has me excited though.
Commented on 2005-09-23 23:15:05
I find it funny how the worst looking next-gen game is using he best next-gen engine.
Commented on 2005-09-23 23:37:37
I seen it in motion and it looks great ;)
Commented on 2005-09-23 23:38:30
Thanks for the pics Blim, I must say that if I bring this game home and boot up and see that type of crap on my screen, I will fly to Namco HQ and start cutting off employees hands and raid the fridge too.
Commented on 2005-09-24 00:19:16
absolutely gorgeous PDZ pictures Cullumj, not so sure about this Frame City Killer game though it just doesn't have the next-gen look, but then again I suppose it's the gameplay that counts, let's see how this one plays out.
Commented on 2005-09-24 00:20:30 In reply to Realtime
These pictures of PDZ are almost as old as the game itself.
Commented on 2005-09-24 00:21:45 In reply to Snoopers
well they still look nice :)
Commented on 2005-09-24 00:39:39
Frame City Killer looks terrible.. Christ, take a look at the trees! That's not next gen. Thats closer to this gen! They still havent been able to turn on AA, and theres not one single round circle in one of those pics..
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:06:50
i don' know about this game...everything just looks barren...i noticed it in the trailer of it too......i think this will be a defiinate miss for me
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:07:57
Frame city faggot. I'll never take this game seriously until they totally do away with that generic joe-shmo faggot of a main character. How can you take it seriously anyway when it looks like poop. more like diarrhea
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:16:48
I tried to like this game but honestly the houses they show in these screens look like they were done on one of those home builder programs. Also the gameplay mechanic hasn't been explained so there really isn't a real reason to get pumped about this game.
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:20:59 In reply to Buktu
Posted by Buktu
Frame City Killer looks terrible.. Christ, take a look at the trees! That's not next gen. Thats closer to this gen! They still havent been able to turn on AA, and theres not one single round circle in one of those pics..
AA does not make round circles it makes edges that arent' horizontal or vertical smooth, where a horizontal/vertical like would have no aliasing because the square pixels line up to make a perfect edge a non-horizontal/vertical line would look like a staircase without AA.

And that's that.
Commented on 2005-09-24 01:33:49

^^^^ Itagaki just proclaimed the 360 the best console, even says its better than PS3
Commented on 2005-09-24 02:03:08
I think we'll all find that they will be vey similar, much more than the current gen consoles are. I mean judging by specs that is...
Commented on 2005-09-24 02:13:04
Sony's specs will change from those that they announced, thats a given.
Commented on 2005-09-24 02:23:06
i agree with what he says about the revolution controller...u would get tired having to swing that thing around everywhere.
Commented on 2005-09-24 03:53:19
spacemanjupiter - manly man of the month! He managed to score two "faggot" and one diarrhoea IN THE SAME COMMENT! Good on you, man.

Anyway, I think this game is probably impressive due to its scale. At least I, um, hope so. Looking at a game like GTA, it's big and everything but all of the locales are EXTREMELY basic with some good texture work. This, we can all admit, looks at least moderately impressive in still shots, and I think it'll impress even more when you get to actually.. Drive around that city.. Or whatever you do.

This is me speculating though, of course.
Commented on 2005-09-25 01:48:55
So maybe Frame City Killer doesn't look all that great compared to other next gen games, if anything we should blame the developer for not taking full advantage of the Unreal 3 engine and not the console. I mean we have seen what the engine is capable of on the 360 with games like Gears of War for example. Another reason for the graphics not looking as good as other next generation 360 titles is probably due to the textures being scaled down to keep frame rates up, because of the large scale of the city environment. Honestly in my opinion the graphics don't look as bad as everyone are making them out to be, sure not as great as I would have probably liked but good none the less, and the gameplay will definitely make up for that. I'm going to give this game a chance probably by means of rental and maybe even purchase if I really enjoy it. I still have high hopes for this title..
Commented on 2005-09-25 15:16:59
whatever happened to that game "Two Days 2 Vegas". Those supposed screenshots are still the best looking thing I have seen.
Commented on 2005-10-19 21:35:25
Hey if anybody wants to get the inside scoop on this game there is a promotion site dedicated to it.

It's called Frame City Underground, it's an offical site and it gets all the latest news from Namco. The Point of the site is to promote the game but it has some other interesting stuff like recently there was a contest to design a piece of graffitie that may be included in the game. So check it out if your interested in the game.

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