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GC07: The Club images

GC07: The Club images

Again from Sega, this time you get to see some new images of The Club.

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Commented on 2007-08-24 09:50:35
Maybe you already know that, but the place depicted on the second screen is an actual location - a stop near the Philharmonic in Krakow, Poland.
Commented on 2007-08-24 10:21:29
Too bad that it isnt somewhere in Warsaw, where U'd kill some bloody ducks lol. Anyway game looks dreamcast'ish which aint bad i guess. Gotta wait for demo to make a final judgment.
Commented on 2007-08-24 12:48:58
Very Outtrigger... Cool!
Commented on 2007-08-24 13:15:04
some of these pics remind me of Team Fortress 2.. am i out of my mind?
Commented on 2007-08-24 17:01:18 In reply to walter
Posted by walter
some of these pics remind me of Team Fortress 2.. am i out of my mind?
YES you are lol .....maybe some of it reminds you ..but looks nothing like it.

I anit going to start again but i don,t see how people think this game looks good ..looks outdated by 5 years >.<
Commented on 2007-08-25 02:49:55
Oh yeah it is very Outtriggerish. That game was pretty good on the DC (or arcade).. something Fasa Studios should have considered when making Shadowrun (that it had been done already, on a quarter of the hardware power and better).

This game looks fab but Bizarre are wasting their resources imo.. just get this out and use this engine for something great.
Commented on 2007-08-25 11:27:41
Dunno why but this looks very much like something which would appear on the Dreamcast, even the visuals remind me of the sega console.
Commented on 2007-08-27 06:10:28
Wow that looks pretty nice

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