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GC08: Images of Sonic Unleashed

GC08: Images of Sonic Unleashed

Sega is now also ready to show their current line-up, and first out here is a bunch of images from Sonic Unleashed, all from Playstation 3 & Xbox 360.

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Commented on 2008-08-20 18:11:56

I hadn't read this comment and did the same thing in the Shaun White story.

/weird psychic powers
Commented on 2008-08-20 18:22:18

Looks coOol!!!
Commented on 2008-08-20 19:23:59
Not impressed. It does look like a definite improvement for the series, but that isn't saying much, they still seem to completely fail to realise what's wrong, and what they should be making better.

The classic Sonic games were good because of their focus on the platforming, rather than all out speed. They have included the "were-hog" here to slow things down at certain segments, but why do we need a silly transformation and combat system to do that?
Commented on 2008-08-20 19:55:17
Get rid of the werehog altogether I say, It'll be this games' E-102 levels. The speed levels in SA1 and 2 were the only ones really worth playing and it's about time they learned this.
Commented on 2008-08-20 21:49:47
wow that last image looks awsome lol, hopefully it turns to a fun game to play.
Commented on 2008-08-20 23:17:45
Graphics are pretty good, AF needs to improve though.
Commented on 2008-08-21 11:14:49
I used to think this game had some potential, but then i saw the "wherehog" and i just lost all hope for this. Why is it so fucking hard for sega to understand that the fans do not want 200 diffirent playable characters with shitty broken gameplay mechanics.
Please sega just give us a solid old school sonic game without the crappy gimmicks.
Commented on 2008-08-21 21:37:33
This is exactly what the "fans" want.. since these days the most Sonic fans are 13 year old girls, that draw Sonic kissing (or worse) with one of their own sonic-a-like fan characters -__-

IMO it all went wrong with SA2, when they introduced: realistic environments, crappy J-rock music, Shadow, Forced to play Hunt and shoot levels, Shadow, the same boring robots in each level.. uhh.. and I think I forgot to mention 'Shadow'..

urgg.. worst thing is that I will probably buy it, eventhough I know it will suck.
Commented on 2008-08-22 06:25:47
jesus no....fury sonic is bad...

If they just copied the original gameplay and did a bionic commando rearmed type of sonic game (new levels and some of the modern mechanics) I would be happy.

They need to take sonic back down and build him up again slowly over several years. No one gives a crap anymore (although they tell me that this is still a big seller...even the last god awful 360 one did OK for them!)

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