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GC08: Prince of Persia walkthrough

GC08: Prince of Persia walkthrough

Ubisoft have now opened the flood gates, and out first here is Prince of Persia. This 7 minute long video is a direct-feed walkthrough of the same levels we filmed at E3, but this might be from a newer build.
Update: Images added.

GC08 Gameplay walkthrough
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Commented on 2008-08-20 17:45:18
WHOAAAAAA!!!! Awesome screens The first one in Particular WOW!!
Commented on 2008-08-20 17:57:43
Commented on 2008-08-20 18:03:17
and just watched the video now. It's nice to have a direct feed video of the E3 demo ... Man .... very nice!
Commented on 2008-08-20 18:11:57
I got a few problems with the game that pisses me off of what they have done.

- One enemy fight at a time (sometimes even in the same one in different locations).
I want multiple enemy combat back.
- No other weapons other than the sword and the gauntlet.
- You can't die in this game...what the hell?
- American accent for persian character, even with a small accent like the ones from Assassins Creed with middle eastern type stuff would be good.

Those are the only things that really bothers me.
The previous titles had more weapons even could wield different swords on each hand and combine them.
Various enemies and multiple of them attacks you, a greta way to see the prince's acrobatics and combos and chain them to take them out which was always nice to see.

The way they have done this particular title is absolutely stupid, the only thing it has is the music and the artistic approach of it and thats it.

They better show something exciting and "different" in the future before release otherwise this mechanic is gonna be throughout the whole game.

But so far...I am dissapointed in it, but the visuals do look very good and the music is very nice (has that Two Thrones feel to it).
Commented on 2008-08-20 21:30:57
Holy crap, my jaw dropped to the ground while watching that!
Commented on 2008-08-21 00:02:04
This looks amazing. I'm sure it will be a great game :)
This fall/winter is going to kick ass.

Sath: you've seen a demo that's like 3-4 minutes long, i'm sure there will be different weapons (or at least upgrades) and more enemies later on.
Commented on 2008-08-21 00:04:23
I'm not keen on the cell shaded characters, the environments look fantastic though.
Commented on 2008-08-21 04:10:44 In reply to Phaethon360
This game is way too easy looking =/ I hope they have like a hardcore mode if this game is as easy as it looks. But it IS admitably gorgeous, enough so to warrent a buy just for the beautiful visuals (its nice to see more unique styles like this, Diablo 3[more games need to look like fucking paintings], and Okami) and the combat looks epic, even if it isn't particularly challenging (you never seem to get hit?) and I really like the new prince.
Commented on 2008-08-21 04:25:43
already on my must have list. 2 things though that i really hope gets worked on...facial expressions, which at the moment seem to completely let the beauty of the rest of the animation down. And i also hope to see a wide variety of enemys...considering you're in constant epic one-to-one fights there should be no excuse for ubisoft not putting in the time to make each enemy different..otherwise it's going to get boring fast.
Commented on 2008-08-21 05:55:47 In reply to Sath
i agree, especially on the lack of persian accent. that voice may work for nathan drake in uncharted, but in the prince of *PERSIA*, no, its far too odd sounding. like you just plucked some yank off the street to do the voice work.

i dont agree with the combat however, PoP has never had good combat, EVER. it has always been the negative aspect of the series. and imo, this one EPIC battle method sure as hell beats 10 random, boring battles throughout a level.

the platforming has lost its intensity and excitement now you cant fall tho. take away the fear of death and you have something that essentialy becomes a chore to play.

i loved the last 3 games, even warrior within with its emo, heavy metal angst themes. but this just doesnt do much for me. they've dumbed down the bits that made the past games great (platforming) and have only made the combat better imo. i'll rent it, but its not showing me enough to make me want to buy it.
Commented on 2008-08-21 11:05:21
About the voice, i think it would be equally, if not more, stupid to give him an accent. If he speaks english then if it's with bad pronunciation or correct ´doesn't add or deduct for me. If anything he should be speaking real Persian.
Commented on 2008-08-21 11:12:35
Assassin's Creed had that middle eastern voice overs very good, why couldn't they pull it off in this one.

But whatever, I have mentioned this "problem" before, not in mood anymore because it is 99% not gonna change so its useless.
Commented on 2008-08-21 21:00:34
i hope its not another assassins creed...if they're gonna make one person speak with a cheesy american accent then they best make all of them speak with them. I dont want everybody speaking in there native tongues/accents and have this american voice stick out like a sore thumb like in assassins.

I just really want them to work on those facial animations..everything looks disney, so it would be a crime to leave those faces so expressionless

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