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GC: More portal 2

GC: More portal 2

It's with joy that we discovered that there was some new footage of Portal 2 to be seen and recorded at Valve's booth, so enjoy some more Wheatley :)

GC: Presentation part
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Commented on 2010-08-18 16:41:08
You guys are the best!
Commented on 2010-08-18 16:59:01
the game cant come soon enough!
Commented on 2010-08-18 17:06:24
This will be amazing.
Commented on 2010-08-18 17:33:11
Before the humor seemed kinda placeholder-ish, not quite delivered right. It was funny, but didn't quite seem up to Portal standards. This time, spot on. I think I'm going to really like this bloke =)
Commented on 2010-08-18 17:35:20 In reply to pythxvii
Posted by pythxvii
Before the humor seemed kinda placeholder-ish, not quite delivered right. It was funny, but didn't quite seem up to Portal standards. This time, spot on. I think I'm going to really like this bloke =)
I had the same issue, but I can't say they've convinced me yet.
Then again; It's Valve, who am I kidding, of course they'll deliver :-)
Commented on 2010-08-18 18:07:21
I am pretty sure that guy doing the voice is Steve Merchant, who co wrote and directed the original The Office with Ricky Gervais.

Also famous for being on the hilarious radio and podcast shows with Ricky Gervais and round headed, global buffoon, Karl Pilkington.
Commented on 2010-08-18 18:58:47
So want.
Commented on 2010-08-18 22:22:58
Yeap, it's Merchant voicing Wheatly :D

Cannot wait for this! February 9th!!!! :D
Commented on 2010-08-19 00:02:45
Game looks good considering the primitive engine it's running on, but that voice over.... wow, just abysmal. Sounds like they got the office tea boy to record a placeholder track. Surely it can't stay in, it's incredibly amateurish.
Commented on 2010-08-19 01:49:12
Is this Doom 3 or something, where's the bleeding the puzzles.

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