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Ghost Recon 3: three images

Ghost Recon 3: three images

Ubisoft just released three new images of Ghost Recon 3. We'll not complain about it.
Update by Blimblim: These are shots from the PC version, and it looks like it's missing a few features from the Xbox 360 one, especially the graphical filter that gave the game that soft look during E3. So while these are interesting images, keep in mind that the version we'll get should look quite a bit better.

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Commented on 2005-06-24 19:59:14
These screenshots look awesome
Commented on 2005-06-25 14:44:53
Fresh looking game is this gonna be at launch? Now all I need is a good rpg.
Commented on 2005-06-25 15:33:20
Is this game first person???
Commented on 2005-06-25 21:25:34
you can switch from 3rd person to first person view so YES it is.
Commented on 2005-06-26 19:46:23
The lighting and shadows system in the PC version is far inferior to the X360 version as you can tell from these screens.
Commented on 2005-06-27 00:48:10 In reply to DirasyajX
oow okay thnx :D
Commented on 2005-06-27 04:50:54
And you guys thought these screens look "awesome..."
Commented on 2005-06-27 18:29:50
I would like to know what the specs for the PC running those images were, I bet it would look on par or even better than the Xbox 360 version running two Nvidia 7800GTX card's in SLI or even two ATI R250's running in Crossfire at 1600 X 1200 with maximum antialiasing and antistrophic filtering enabled. It looks like these PC version screenshots were taken at a much lower (non HD) resolution, compared to the Xbox 360 screenshot's. Don't get me misunderstood though :P I think the Xbox 360 version looks beautiful, and who really has the money to blow on a high end PC graphic's card when you can buy a next generation console (like the Xbox 360) that performs just the same or better in some instances for cheaper!
Commented on 2005-06-28 02:28:47
Well, GR3 isn't even running nearly at the final X360 hardware's full capacity, and doesn't look all that great for an X360, so for the PC version's screenshots to look this bad is disturbing.

Also, I wouldn't count on PC developers to tailor their games for SLI/crossfire setups any time soon. Probably, what 1% of all PCs will have that sort of setup? Not exactly an economical target for development.
Commented on 2005-06-28 10:42:02
All games support either SFR or AFR and there are 60 PC games that currently support SLI, if there is a game you find that the Nvidia drivers don't offer SLI support for, you can just go in and create a new driver profile for that game to utilise either Split frame rendering or Alternate frame rendering, it has nothing to do with the developer at all. Same with ATI's Crossfire it will work with any game out of the box.

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