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Ghost Recon Adv Warfighter 2 dev diary

Ghost Recon Adv Warfighter 2 dev diary

Ubisoft released this developer diary, the third one, about Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The release is less than a month away, and it seems that Ubisoft are putting out ad banners out there saying that a MP demo will be released on the Marketplace "soon".

Dev Diary #2

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Commented on 2007-02-16 20:56:49
It plays allot better than GRAW 1. I might buy this if I try the MP demo.
Commented on 2007-02-16 22:30:24
Yeah I saw this on gametrailers a couple of days ago myself. This looks so amazing. I wasn't going to buy this game at first, but after seeing all of these dev diaries, I am as hyped as can be. UBI know what they're doing with these vids heh.

(just wondering. why is this video 302 MB and the gametrailers vid 89 MB? They are both 720p...hmmm)
Commented on 2007-02-16 23:48:07
Looking good indeed, but I'm not sure what they're on about with the smoke thing.

I threw a smokey next to a chopper in the demo, and nothing happened..!? :|
Commented on 2007-02-17 08:19:05
GR:IT 2 ........if it aint that piss off ubisoft.
Commented on 2007-02-17 08:31:59 In reply to DirtPipeMilkShake
Posted by DirtPipeMilkShake
(just wondering. why is this video 302 MB and the gametrailers vid 89 MB? They are both 720p...hmmm)
Different codec or bitrate, I guess. (didn't actually check out their video)
Commented on 2007-02-18 12:21:43
Says 3072 video bit-rate. It's a .WMV so I guess that's why it's smaller, right? I was just wondering if this one was perhaps higher quality or something. The one I've got looks really good.

EDIT: Wait, this one's WMV too. OK now I'm confused. BARGH!! I'll go now.
Commented on 2007-02-18 14:52:23
if it aint like GR:IT then dont bother ubisoft, in fact, sack the team making this tedious shit :(

i want the original days of recon back, not this socom cacka

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