XBOX Thursday, January 29, 2004 | 4:54 PM

Good news from Japan

Good news from Japan

In the latest Famitsu Xbox, quite a few revelations are made about the future japanese games coming for the Xbox...

  • Phantom Dust will soon be finished. Work will start soon on the team next game (?)
  • Microsoft Japan works on other games besides Phantom Dust and TFLO (level 5). A RPG is mentionned.
  • AmVision's president Nagoshi says the development of Spikeout Xtreme is on track for a 2004 release. There are 2 more games for the Xbox being worked on at AmVision
  • Tecmo announced that Team Ninja is working on another game for the Xbox besides DOA Code Cronus.
  • Mike Fischer of MS Japan announced that they are hard working to get new 3rd parties on the Xbox. Sammy and SNK are the first results of this campaign.

    Scores :
    Breakdown 9/8/9/10
    Rogue Ops 6/9/7/7

    Sales Dec 15 - Jan 18

    01 - O-TO-GI Hyakki Fromm 12/25 14,207 14,207
    02 01 Project Gotham 2 MS 11/20 9,821 24,685
    03 - DOAX (Platinum) Tecmo 12/11 3,733 4,568
    04 - SegaGT On-line Sega 12/25 2,913 2,913
    05 02 Magatama MS 11/20 2,691 9,196
    06 03 R:RACING NAMCO 11/27 2,611 8,497
    07 - RTCW (World Coll.) MS 12/25 2,360 2,360
    08 - Sonic Heroes Sega 12/30 2,149 2,149
    09 - EXA Skeleton KIKI 12/18 1,915 1,915
    10 04 Sprinter Cell UBI 11/27 1,860 5,449

  • What's up?
    • Melmoth
      Melmoth @AndreasZ94: for consoles 3d gaming (with a few exceptions) started with the 32bit era. for people playing on computers they's been a steady stream of 3d games from back to the early 80's (6 Hours ago)
    • GriftGFX
      GriftGFX Yea.. NPCs in single player games should send you hate mail, like real people ;) (7 Hours ago)
    • AndreasZ94
      AndreasZ94 @MrWhite: I feel like its the enemy reactions to getting shot that's the real problem, they recover so fast and act like they never got shot (9 Hours ago)
    • MrWhite
      MrWhite @AndreasZ94: I've only played a bit of U4, but from what I did, it wasn't a big step up from 3. (9 Hours ago)
    • MrWhite
      MrWhite Ellie helping you out in melee situations was fun too. It's their only game where they made some good gameplay design elements when it came to enemies. (9 Hours ago)
    • AndreasZ94
      AndreasZ94 @MrWhite: Are u talking about U4 because i feel like the gunplay was pretty good, same for U2 (9 Hours ago)
    • MrWhite
      MrWhite @AndreasZ94: Certainly their best game of combining both, hence why I think its their best. They got the pacing right, but it also had a extra element in horror. (9 Hours ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood GSY is getting some nice content at 3 pm CEST with our July podcast and some videos of the Deus Ex Mankind Divided preview build. :) (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood For once we'll be live at 4:30 pm CEST. Blim should not even be tired! (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood More Quantum Break coverage coming in a few hours, 9:00 a.m CEST. (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood We'll have a full review up for Firewatch at 7 pm CET. Videos will only be tomorrow though. (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood Tonight's livestream will be at 9:15 GMT+1, not GMT+2 as first stated. (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood New GSY Live dedicated this time to Just Cause 3 on Tuesday 9:30 GMT+2 (> 3 Months ago)
    • Driftwood
      Driftwood Join us tomorrow at 10 pm GMT+2 for a new livestream. We'll be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. (> 3 Months ago)
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