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Good news from Japan

Good news from Japan

In the latest Famitsu Xbox, quite a few revelations are made about the future japanese games coming for the Xbox...

  • Phantom Dust will soon be finished. Work will start soon on the team next game (?)
  • Microsoft Japan works on other games besides Phantom Dust and TFLO (level 5). A RPG is mentionned.
  • AmVision's president Nagoshi says the development of Spikeout Xtreme is on track for a 2004 release. There are 2 more games for the Xbox being worked on at AmVision
  • Tecmo announced that Team Ninja is working on another game for the Xbox besides DOA Code Cronus.
  • Mike Fischer of MS Japan announced that they are hard working to get new 3rd parties on the Xbox. Sammy and SNK are the first results of this campaign.

    Scores :
    Breakdown 9/8/9/10
    Rogue Ops 6/9/7/7

    Sales Dec 15 - Jan 18

    01 - O-TO-GI Hyakki Fromm 12/25 14,207 14,207
    02 01 Project Gotham 2 MS 11/20 9,821 24,685
    03 - DOAX (Platinum) Tecmo 12/11 3,733 4,568
    04 - SegaGT On-line Sega 12/25 2,913 2,913
    05 02 Magatama MS 11/20 2,691 9,196
    06 03 R:RACING NAMCO 11/27 2,611 8,497
    07 - RTCW (World Coll.) MS 12/25 2,360 2,360
    08 - Sonic Heroes Sega 12/30 2,149 2,149
    09 - EXA Skeleton KIKI 12/18 1,915 1,915
    10 04 Sprinter Cell UBI 11/27 1,860 5,449

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      Driftwood GSY is getting some nice content at 3 pm CEST with our July podcast and some videos of the Deus Ex Mankind Divided preview build. :) (> 3 Months ago)
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