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GTA V is back for more on PS4

GTA V is back for more on PS4

When a friend stops by at your place to see the next gen port of Grand Theft Auto V, you're bound to lose the notion of time while exploring the huge open world created by Rockstar. Although the weather remained desperately dry during this new free roam session, we got to do quite a lot, including killing a few innocents (though not all of them truly were). Since we also shared the same childhood memories, we came up with the idea of the third video, which could make some of you nostalgic.
update: New video added.

Passing Time #1
Passing Time #2
Till death do us part
Up in the air

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Commented on 2014-11-23 13:54:12
Couldn't figure out the reference for video three. What is that music from?
Commented on 2014-11-23 14:00:23
Cool videos but what about the traffic density? Is there a noticable difference? because it looks kinda empty.
Commented on 2014-11-23 14:22:39 In reply to vansant
Posted by vansant
Couldn't figure out the reference for video three. What is that music from?
To me it sounds like its from the movie 'Demons' but I could be totally wrong.
Commented on 2014-11-23 14:28:39 In reply to jhey
You're wonrg, I'll let you guys look for the answer a bit more. ;)
Commented on 2014-11-23 15:15:28
Thanks for all the videos Driftwood, soothes the wait for PC port a bit.
Commented on 2014-11-23 15:21:47 In reply to Driftwood
It is from that TV series what was like Knight Rider but with a motorbike?
Commented on 2014-11-23 15:28:44 In reply to ProfSebastian
Commented on 2014-11-23 16:25:31
great work as usual guys merci. very tempted now on getting it again on my ps4 this time
Commented on 2014-11-23 17:14:26
I can only think of StreetHawk ;)

... that lame Norman
Commented on 2014-11-23 17:18:37
That song is from Knight Rider? Would have never guessed that.
Commented on 2014-11-23 17:26:05
I've got my copy for two days,though the evolution isn't that great, still I can't stop playing it!
BTW,in the "Till death do us part" video, you tried to get on the train, but failed. Well, there's a much easier way: just stand next to the rail to wait for the train to arrive, and when it comes, wait for a low, flat carriage to pass in front of you, approach it fast and appropriately,then press the square button to climb onto it. If you do that correctly, you'll be on the train.
Commented on 2014-11-23 17:31:49 In reply to vansant
No, not Knight Rider, Street Hawk starring Rex Smith.

Nathaniel : I did that too, successfully, in the second video. I just wanted to spice things up a notch. ;)
Commented on 2014-11-23 18:03:22
Oh ok.

PS - You guy's run such a great site, thanks for all the hard work.
Commented on 2014-11-23 18:05:46 In reply to vansant
Thanks! :)
Commented on 2014-11-23 19:10:50
I've been playing Far Cry 4 the past couple nights, it's a great game. There are a few gameplay elements I would love to see implemented to to GTA. But that being said, GTA takes the cake. After a year I'm still amazed at the amount of detail put in every accept of the game, graphics and gameplay. People complaining about traffic density, physics etc. take so much of this game for granted. Tiny example, shoot a car up in Far Cry, a game with no where near the amount of things happening and then do the same in GTA and watch what happens. Far Cry's main focus is gunplay and the results you get pale in comparison.
Commented on 2014-11-23 21:41:59
Nice videos.
Maybe you find time for a "Flying around Los Santos" again.
Commented on 2014-11-23 21:57:36 In reply to user82
I haven't played the main story at all so I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Also, I have some real work to do outside of GSY. :)

Maybe later!
Commented on 2014-11-23 22:17:24
Uff.. amazing Motorbike ride in first video. That was heavy.
Commented on 2014-11-23 22:18:29 In reply to ProfSebastian
Posted by ProfSebastian
Cool videos but what about the traffic density? Is there a noticable difference? because it looks kinda empty.
the increased vehicle density is probably the least noticeable improvement, unfortunately. there is definitely an increase in vehicles and pedestrians but we are talking about 6 extra vehicles stopped at an intersection at a time. which is pretty significant, but since the streets already felt empty last gen this is not much of an improvement. everything else though looks beautiful.
Commented on 2014-11-23 22:50:24
Are tress really static in this version? Hard to believe since they were moving in the last gen version.
Commented on 2014-11-23 23:51:49 In reply to user82
Posted by user82
Nice videos.
Maybe you find time for a "Flying around Los Santos" again.
Ok, turns out I'm way nicer than I thought. Enjoy!
Commented on 2014-11-24 00:14:07
I love this site, but can never watch many videos as my crappy Chromebook can only store like 900MB. Most of your videos are higher than 1GB so I'm screwed most of the time.
Commented on 2014-11-24 00:49:55
The last video is breathtaking, really
Commented on 2014-11-24 01:10:58
OMG that rollercoaster...GTA5 in Oculus Rift on PC next is going to blow minds, I guarantee..and can't wait for it. Rift + GTAV are both day 1 for me.
Commented on 2014-11-24 01:12:44
Sepcial thanks for the "Up in the air" :)
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