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Guitar Hero 3 interview

Guitar Hero 3 interview

Activision's Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock will be released in Europe next week, while it has been available in the US for two whole weeks. XCN has given us a great interview with RedOctane, and inside you'll find their thoughts about upcoming DLC pricing, the rival game Rock Band, if Slash actually like the game he is starring in and much more!

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Commented on 2007-11-14 04:43:29
I got this game a few days ago ... i don,t know why this dude keeps going on about Boss Battles.... There is only 3 of them :S... its just a new sound track thats it ^___^ Still a fun game all the same

P.S I don,t like the gamer points PLay the game online with a control pad =S theres like 3 of them dum dum
Commented on 2007-11-14 08:00:53
yeah, achievements are not so tight...again. especially controller achs suck. but nonetheless this game will be lots of fun. had so many great evenings with friends, lots of Becks beer and Jagermeister ;) bring on GH3...
Commented on 2007-11-19 12:46:56
I agree, that the battles are overhyped and I don't really fancy the whole idea at all. What does rule, though, is the co-op career. Not being able to play it online... well, that's a bummer really if you don't have fellow expert players in the neighborhood.

Other than that, I can't wait for Friday!

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