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Hitman Blood Money gameplay video

Hitman Blood Money gameplay video

Eidos released this gameplay video of Hitman Blood Money showing a few of Agent 47's new moves, allowing him to reach locations that would have been unreachable before.

Chapter 2 trailer
Download: WMV

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Commented on 2006-03-30 22:22:24
Can't wait for this game!
Commented on 2006-03-30 22:30:38
They should have developed this for the 360...no point in going past-genereation :(
Commented on 2006-03-30 22:31:07
Damn this looks great. Bout time we got a real Hitman sequel (the third was crap).
Commented on 2006-03-30 22:47:51
The last screenshot is kinda funny.

A hitman standing in front of a street sign that says "Jesus Saves"
Commented on 2006-03-31 02:07:42 In reply to SpazH3d
Posted by SpazH3d
They should have developed this for the 360...no point in going past-genereation :(
If im right it is comming to the 360 seen it on Joystiq

Dutch link http://www.insidegamer.nl/content.php?id=9985
Commented on 2006-03-31 20:13:48
"past-generation"? The Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube are still valid systems in the current gen. There are tons of games still coming out for these systems (I tend to see most for the Xbox though). These developers aren't going to spend the huge capital needed to turn around their whole game just to have it on next-gen systems. Plus, if they did put it on both right now, you'd probably just downplay it as it would look just the same. I'm sure they would like to put their full attention on other games they make for the 360 and beyond.
Commented on 2006-03-31 21:38:28
This norwegian developer had some cutting edge stuff in the first hitman when "ragdoll" was unknown and physics engines like Havoc never heard of. In their game you could drag bodies around and drop them down sewer shafts and several ragdolls would make your Pentium3 400mhz crawl. And in the jungle map the leaves would bend as you walk through them. Truly next gen stuff still waiting to be matched in many ways.

This is why I'd like to see them develop something next-gen instead of milking the current generation. They have the skills and vision to do something really amazing, bring on the next "ragdoll" what ever that might be (we the general public and the general developer community are too talentless to even know what it will be).

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