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Images and Trailer of Gran Turismo HD

Images and Trailer of Gran Turismo HD

Sony and Polyphony Digital released this whole bunch of images along with a new trailer from the Premium version of Gran Turismo HD.

Paris trailer
Paris trailer
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Commented on 2006-09-28 23:27:17
man, just get on with GT5!
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:18:52
The trailer was very nice imo,. but it definitely looked strange, very good looking, but the car doesn't seem to be in the game. Like I said strange, but this is the effect people were complaining about, the fact that the cars look less real than the backgrounds, in other words the graphics on the background are too realistic for the car graphics. But still it looks good.

Commented on 2006-09-29 00:32:18
yeah the cars looks too colourful compared to the environment even tho they are great looking.

I really hope they improve the engine sounds too cuz they have been lacking in that area imo compared to some other car racing games like colin mc rae,pgr ect.
Commented on 2006-09-29 02:08:02
Not sure why the people at GAF are raving over this. Looks pretty mediocre at the moment.
Commented on 2006-09-29 05:46:45
Pretty good looking, but I think Forza has already surpassed this series. Who needs 30 versions of the Nissan Skyline, anyway>
Commented on 2006-09-29 06:56:16
I hope textures on the ground, foilage, and trees all get an upgrade before GT5, because those all look blah at the moment. I think it's awesome that they're going to have modelled interiors and dash cams. That was my favorite feature in PGR3.

I should have a ps3 by the time this comes out, and then, I'm going to go in moderation of what extra cars I'm buying. Watch, though, GT5 isn't coming out until 2008, so this will look like nothing compared to that.
Commented on 2006-09-29 08:51:04
Ferrari said that it's the best Ferrari game model ever made, I agree with that.
Commented on 2006-09-29 10:12:06 In reply to antena
Posted by antena
man, just get on with GT5!
this is GT5

GTHD Premium is a preview version of GT5

think of it as GT5 Beta
Commented on 2006-09-30 14:22:58
more of A GT5 Alpha! The game will improve over the years in visuallity and functionaylity! It´s just a sneak peak!
Commented on 2006-10-02 20:21:06
looks pretty amzing this,but only as good as xbox360 imo,but looks very good just have to wait another 5 months to play it

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