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Images and trailer of Overlord

Images and trailer of Overlord

Codemasters released these images today, from their upcoming X360 game Overlord. Included is also a trailer that some of you might have seen earlier this week. I've always liked the art, but the trailer makes the game look very unfinished, thinking of that the release is this summer. Hopefully it will look good (better) by then.

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Commented on 2007-03-23 13:45:23
The art is very... fable, which is good :D
Commented on 2007-03-23 13:45:24
wheres the trailer?
Commented on 2007-03-23 13:53:35
Commented on 2007-03-23 13:54:38
Why did "Evil Lord" slide on the ground instead of walking or running. Weird...but the art direction looks cool...Fable like.
Commented on 2007-03-23 15:26:40
This is probably an early build, but i find the graphics are quite good, the building animation was nice. and the art is very enjoyable. This is on my must buy list since i heard about the gameplay...
Commented on 2007-03-23 15:40:08
That really reminds me of Dungeon Keeper's style. Which is good! :D
Commented on 2007-03-23 16:09:31 In reply to ManThatYouFear
Posted by ManThatYouFear
The art is very... fable, which is good :D
What ? You mean like pretty much every fantasy themed game ? :p
Commented on 2007-03-23 19:01:07 In reply to TheBeagle
Posted by TheBeagle
What ? You mean like pretty much every fantasy themed game ? :p
He means the cartoony'ness charm of it all and the lush enviroments. Not many games look too much like Fable.
Commented on 2007-03-23 19:47:55
Looks like an interesting game, hopefully the graphics are little more polished, but overall seems like it could be a good, fun game.
If its not too short that is.
Commented on 2007-03-24 00:04:47
Looks like an interesting update of Dungeon Keeper... with more controle over your minions. Not to mention the hot succubi.

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