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Images and Trailer of Stranglehold

Images and Trailer of Stranglehold

It's been a long time since Midway released the CG trailer of Stranglehold during the last E3, but finally we get to see some more of this quite awaited game from the Psi-Ops developers. I'll just say that it's missing a few birds to get almost 100% of the typical John Woo scenes :)

March 06 trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-03-02 14:26:17
Looks Good. Weapon Modeling Could Be Better!
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:37:09
Oh, very nice. The graphics obviously aren't the best we've seen but if it plays anything like Max Payne it should be fun.
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:37:28
Just name it Max Payne 3 :| But i think this looks awesome, and IF it is as good as it looks im definitely going to buy it.
Maybe its just graphical style, but i think this ist best looking game for xbox 360 so far.
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:39:20
Screenies aren't that hot, but it looks pretty solid in motion..I wonder when this is due? I love pretty much everything about this..I just hope it turns out to be a pretty solid game.

And while I realise it's already too late--this is the videogame sequel to a story that inspired the action in Max Payne..of course it's going to look like it's ripping off Max Payne, when it and Max Payne share the same source material.


Watch it sometime, it's good stuff.
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:44:23
Is it really a story sequel to Hard Boiled? If so... !!!!! My interest has just risen.
And I do agree that it looks much better in motion than those screens suggest.
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:47:32
what does "coming this winter" mean?
will this game be out soon or just show up somewhen between nov 06 and march 07?
Commented on 2006-03-02 14:51:24 In reply to rezehnder
Posted by rezehnder
what does "coming this winter" mean?
will this game be out soon or just show up somewhen between nov 06 and march 07?
Q4 2006
Commented on 2006-03-02 15:21:37
Looks awesome, I just hope it plays well. I'm always skeptical about games like this - when devs spend money on star power to sell their games, gameplay seems to take a backseat. I remember being really excited when the Jet Li game came out, 'cause it looked awesome and I'm a huge fan, but it sucked balls. Hope this is different.
Commented on 2006-03-02 16:01:01
Wow cool. To me it just looks just like Frame City Killer. The clipping and character movements are horrible. The only cool thing are the face. Can't believe this doesn't get bash as much as FCK.
Commented on 2006-03-02 16:02:25
cool trailer looking good.
Commented on 2006-03-02 16:29:42
It looks good, the team behind the game has so far a solid track record (PSI-OPS for PS2) and it appears that Woo and C.Y.Fat are active in the production of the game.
Yeah it is pretty much a ripoff of Max Payne (in regards to gameplay) but is that really a bad thing? Max Payne (esp MP2) was one of the first games that exposed how much fun a good physics implementation was in a shooting game.
Commented on 2006-03-02 16:33:24
When i said "Just name it Max Payne 3" I didn't say it in negative or positive sense but neutral :) I really dont care if some game copies another game as long as it's fun to play. I bet Saints row will be great altough its ripped of from gta, even the radar looks exactly same :)
Commented on 2006-03-02 17:02:10
Did you guys see the interview back at ign. It'll give a better explanation as well as display of the gameplay and graphics.
Commented on 2006-03-02 18:19:30
Very nice trailer, wouldnt be John Woo with out the doves too.

Shame there is almost zero facial expressions =/
Commented on 2006-03-02 18:42:39
I don't really find it all that impressive or interesting but that is probably just me.
Commented on 2006-03-02 18:55:56 In reply to TheFuriousOne
Posted by TheFuriousOneShame
there is almost zero facial expressions =/
Ha! Another thing they ripped off from Max Payne. :P Will there be a 720p version of this in the near future?
Commented on 2006-03-02 18:57:41
Reminds me of Max Payne. It could be sold as MP 3 with another Main Character...
Anyway, looks Cool.
The only disappointing thing that the scenes showed on e3 were pre rendered CGI stuff.
A lot of people excpected the actuall game look like that...

I tell you folks: the first true Next Gen-E3 will be held this year.
2005 was just a lot of hoax.
Commented on 2006-03-02 19:01:26
Looks great. They really put effort into the texturing and making a clean looking game. Apart from the lack of AA definitely next gen material (graphics). The rest in gaming terms we've seen before.
Commented on 2006-03-02 19:48:39
Looks fantastic, both graphically and gamplay wise. I would expect the graphics would be even more polished by the time the game comes out, but even at this stage they are looking really good.
Commented on 2006-03-02 19:56:09
frikkin sweet . i just loooovvvveeee jap cinema. hard boild is a top top film
this game looks very promising
Commented on 2006-03-02 20:03:06 In reply to easynow
Posted by easynow
frikkin sweet . i just loooovvvveeee jap cinema. hard boild is a top top film
this game looks very promising
John Woo (and his movies) are from Hong Kong..it's not Japanese Cinema.
Commented on 2006-03-02 20:25:38 In reply to GriftGFX
Posted by GriftGFX
John Woo (and his movies) are from Hong Kong..it's not Japanese Cinema.
cum on u know what he meant
Commented on 2006-03-02 20:30:22
screenshots looks good. Seeing it in motion looks like doodoo.
Commented on 2006-03-02 20:54:41
One of the best looking games headed to the next-gen. Check out IGN for a video interview, it's got sandbox style levels and drivable vehicles. Nice. Oh, and multiplayer.
Commented on 2006-03-02 21:02:23 In reply to rustykaks
Posted by rustykaks
cum on u know what he meant
Anyone that looooooves HK action stars and action movies should know well enough that there's a huuuuuuge difference between China and Japan. I was just pointing out that it's a pretty terrible generalization..and wrong.
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