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Images and video of Stubbs the Zombie

Images and video of Stubbs the Zombie

Here are a few images and a video showing a bit of gameplay of Stubbs the Zombie. You may not have heard about this game before, but it's developed by for Bungie employees (at least one) using an updated version of the Halo 1 engine. So it may turn out quite interesting.

Short gameplay sequences
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-03-11 18:21:00
mmMMMMmmm... normal maps......

I gotta say, even though I switched to a new PC recently and have been enjoying the spoils of Half Life 2, I'm really impressed with what they have been able to do with the good ol' Xbox lately.
Commented on 2005-03-11 19:56:34
well from this short gamplay vedio ican say this game is awsome :) i cant wait till get it
Commented on 2005-03-11 22:49:02
Wow, this looks awesome.

About the game

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