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Images of Bullet Witch

Images of Bullet Witch

Atari released these 20 images of Bullet Witch, recently delayed to 2007. The game was released in Japan some time ago, so hopefully this could mean that they're fixing some of the (mostly graphical) stuff that was broken in that version.

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Commented on 2006-11-10 17:59:08
Thanks for the update. How did the Japanese scene recieve this game? Do we have Famitsu scores, etc?
Commented on 2006-11-10 18:29:06 In reply to gogosebiel
Posted by gogosebiel
Thanks for the update. How did the Japanese scene recieve this game? Do we have Famitsu scores, etc?
Yeah, - Bullet Witch (Xbox 360, AQ Interactive) : 8 / 6 / 6 / 7 - (27/40)

Here are the first 10 minutes, with some info about the graphical problems:
Commented on 2006-11-10 19:15:51
It's a shame too. The game had so much potential. Nice looking graphics, cool character designs, nice story ideas. The devs just dropped the ball on this title.

I really hope Atari busts their butts to get this game in shape for western release. I really want to play it, but I really want it to not suck too.
Commented on 2006-11-10 19:41:05
I wonder if Atari will try to clean it up a bit, it's unlikely but who knows.
Commented on 2006-11-10 19:51:32
First pic is excellent
Commented on 2006-11-10 22:48:43
Lol, I really don't understand why they still bother with this game, they should just except their losses and move on, imo...
Commented on 2006-11-11 11:26:36
Mybe because this game actually has some Next-Gen Elements..
I Really dont understand some games Texture-wise..

Fifa 07? Whats going in with the crowd audience.. ONE BIG BLUR!

Test Drive Unlimited? Cool Lookin cars! Shit Lookin Surroundings! AGAIN ONE BIG BLUR

Just today i saw Need For Speed CARBON! hahahahaha Oh my god! What a piece of crap that was! Again the most anoying part! SURROUNDINGS ONE BIG BLUR!
I really dont understand why this is happening? Dont the have the brains and eyes to understand that i dont want to pay $99 aus in for that?
Still the good looking games is not out yet.. And its been a long time now that MS is exposing its self with games like that.! I believe so far 360 games list is about 70% non NEXT-gen but mostly xbox1.5 as many had assumed ! This has got to stop.
Gears of war - and Lost planet for me the 2 best looking ones! TRUE NEXT GEN stuff.. all the rest so.. so..
Commented on 2006-11-12 05:59:02
i'll get it, i love such japanese games!

Can't wait!
Commented on 2006-11-12 07:39:40
It does have potential but personally i dunno about it. Looking at the first picture, i notice good skin and hair textures, but looking at his clothing, i.c.k. i dunnnno. But looks good. dunno if its on my 'most wanted' list but im gonna have to look out for it ;)
Commented on 2006-11-13 14:09:33 In reply to Manager
Posted by Manager
Here are the first 10 minutes, with some info about the graphical problems:
It hurts my eyes, horrible gameplay, and quite nice enemy design
Commented on 2006-11-13 15:40:57
Anyword on a UK release date?

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