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Images of Crisis Core

Images of Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is a role-playing game which is a prequel to the events in FFVII. Fourth entry to the Compilation of the classic, this exclusive Playstation Portable title is shown again on GamerSyde after a while. Luckily, these images will be new to some of you guys.

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Commented on 2007-09-21 22:54:21
I think it's more like a prequel, Kudgel. Zack is still alive in this.
Commented on 2007-09-21 22:56:04
SE is so good at pumping everything out of the psp!!
Commented on 2007-09-21 22:56:30
This cant come soon enough :D
Commented on 2007-09-21 23:13:17
Prequel not Sequel
Commented on 2007-09-22 00:32:50
It is really a prequel, i finished the game 2 days ago.

The gameplay gets a tad boring (missions are very repetitive) but the story gets the thing going.

I finished the game with 29 hours and a half on the counter, doing most of the missions (i don't have all of them, must have missed some dialogs), and it has a nice finale (the ending sequence is about 25 minutes long iirc, loved that).

The game is gorgeous, the CG sequences really top notch (almost on par with the advent children movie). The music is not so great when it is original, but the FFVII rearrangements are very nice.

If you like FFVII, it s a must have semi-RPG/Action title. It is considered Canon btw in FFVII universe, the anime is not.
Commented on 2007-09-22 02:54:17

Damnit square just give us a ps3 version already :D
Commented on 2007-09-22 03:27:27
Everyone looks the same. It's kind of like DOA, except it's not just the girls.
Commented on 2007-09-22 08:17:27
Nha not at all, there s a big big range of faces types. Really. Don't think like the people who say all foreigners of a same country look alike. Of course if your reference point is the nose, then yes there s not much variation in noses (technical limit)

The facial animations are astounding btw, spot on synched with the voices even during real time.
Commented on 2007-09-22 09:20:55
WOW!!! but where are Tifa, Barret, Cid, Yuffie and Red?
Commented on 2007-09-22 15:30:58
Find it stupid that Square Enix are revisting the FFVII story. Its just basically telling everyone that they haven't created a FF game thats been any where near as good as FFVII. Thats 10 years they've had...
Also, if they did release a FFVII remake, it would only end up in tears. The game was great back in the day but if it was released now they would have to change the gameplay dramatically.
Commented on 2007-09-22 15:49:46
I have played Japan version about 2 hours and I only can say that this game is awesome! And was one of the reasons why I bought PSP :)
Commented on 2007-09-22 17:16:30
i currently have 30 hours on the counter 70% of the missions, aiming to do the special boss in mission 9-6-6, and still have a handfull of story left, overall it's a really good game, the story is not really intruging but it gives us alot of background info on certain persons and more info about the whereabouts of jenova project and stuff
Commented on 2007-09-22 17:53:03
cant wait
Commented on 2007-09-22 20:20:27
Yea it's a prequel. I wrote it in french, but for some reason the english version got the "sequel" adjective. Send me a PM next time so I can correct ASAP, I almost forgot this news with TGS and all.
Commented on 2007-09-22 20:40:49 In reply to HvC
Posted by HvC
WOW!!! but where are Tifa, Barret, Cid, Yuffie and Red?
Tifa and Yuffie are in the game.

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