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Images of Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires

Images of Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires

Koei has released four images for the Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires release in Europe this friday, showing some more of this fantastic game. It's kind of a miracle game really, such game that shows up one time every two year. IGN said it right - "The first backward compatible PS2 title".

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Commented on 2006-06-19 11:22:56
wow, impressive grafics! are you sure these are realtime? looks like cgi to me ;)
they must be kidding...
Commented on 2006-06-19 11:35:49
Buy this game for "gamer points" and I swear to god I will hunt you down.
Commented on 2006-06-19 11:38:21 In reply to chico
Posted by chico
wow, impressive grafics! are you sure these are realtime? looks like cgi to me ;)
they must be kidding...
looks like they're using the same engine as halo 3 uses!?!
Commented on 2006-06-19 11:51:24
Geeez! When you get Table Tennis for 40$, with fantastic graphics and lack of features, some of you complain. When you get Dynasty Warriors for 40$, with lack of graphics and fantastic features, same people complain. There is no end with this!

No, but seriously. The PS2 version is 30$. X360 version is 40$. Why are we paying money for HD resolution when there's no HD textures worth looking at?
Commented on 2006-06-19 12:02:51
I dont know why some people complain about N3. I remember a post in this website, I think, where a person said this game will be better then N3. You have to be kidding. People need to stop buying games from Koei, honestly. Have they made a great game so far?
Commented on 2006-06-19 12:18:44
A lot of PS fans like the Dynasty Warriors series, maybe you don't like their games but that doesn't automatically mean nobody does.

Maybe this game is better than N3 have you played both and compaired then (and i'm not talking about graphics).

The only thing N3 has over this is it's graphics and they aren't all that brilliant either.

Most ported games don't look much better on the 360, if you don't think 720p is worth paying extra for, then don't buy it, simple as that.
Commented on 2006-06-19 12:36:45
I think it's fair to assume that this IS better than N3, and I'm absolutely serious when I say that. If what I say doesn't matter one bit to you that's okay, but those that pay attention to what I write know that I'm a big Mizu fan, so saying this isn't about me liking DW games.

The thing is, this series is massively popular, and DW4 especially introduced some really cool squad stuff. Sure it's an absolute slash-fest but there's just a dizzying amount of content, characters, moves and scenarios in here.

Thing is, N3 being basic is expected. Mizu's games all are since Sega Rally. They've got recognizable gameplay that everyone can just throw themselves into, and the real meat of the game lies somewhere else. You can't strip Mizu's games of their audio and visuals without ending up with practically nothing!

Rez is an insanely simple Panzer Dragoon. Lumines is an insanely simple Tetris. Meteos and Space Channel 5 are frantic and absorbing, but ultimately extremely shallow. However, they all have their visuals and audio to give them personality and charm beyond what most games have, and they even have a message completely disconnected from the actual gameplay. Controls, gameplay in these games are just a way to interact with the experience - the journey to the end of the message that lets you read it in full.

That's Mizu's games.

That's N3.

That's why people praise the gameplay of DW above what N3 offers, and that's why it's nothing to be concerned about anyway.
Commented on 2006-06-19 13:29:22
Iso. Koei releasing European piccies they give us the Japanese version...??!?!
Commented on 2006-06-19 14:00:44
r u kidding me??!!! that game is a disgrace to be called an xbox 360 game
Commented on 2006-06-19 14:07:44
graphical disgrace, if You are some graphic geek

I'm a big fan of DW series, despite it's flaws

but not for 40$ :]
Commented on 2006-06-19 14:07:59
Commented on 2006-06-19 15:31:56
Well, at least here in sweden this is a lot cheaper than Table Tennis and has absolutely tons more content, so it's a good deal for a game and achievement points.
Commented on 2006-06-19 16:18:14 In reply to SimonM7
Posted by SimonM7
, so it's a good deal for a game and achievement points.
Posted by Scarface
Buy this game for "gamer points" and I swear to god I will hunt you down.
Commented on 2006-06-19 16:42:11
Commented on 2006-06-19 17:34:05 In reply to Scarface
Posted by Scarface
Buy this game for "gamer points" and I swear to god I will hunt you down.
Most people who do that are smart enough to rent it.
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:05:11 In reply to Scarface
Maybe I *want* you to hunt me down. <3
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:15:26
I know im not gonna buy it... Or rent it... Or look at those pic...Or look at any videos...Yeah thats about it..
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:23:02 In reply to SimonM7
Posted by SimonM7
Maybe I *want* you to hunt me down. <3
A gay, swedish, Mizu fan on my case. Thats all I need during my exams;)
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:29:07 In reply to Scarface
Posted by Scarface
A gay, swedish, Mizu fan on my case. Thats all I need during my exams;)
Good Luck mate!
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:40:14
If Kameo can have 1000's of orcs on screen looking sharp with no framerate drops or "fog of war" ... If only Rare could make this game instead of Koei
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:48:42
Never played a DW game. And these pics, of a (so called) x360 game, dont give me a good feeling about the game. Lame
Commented on 2006-06-19 18:58:48
Another awful looking Japanese title, the only reason they release these games on 360 is to hurt it, honestly it is. I can see it coming already. PS3 releases and an entirely new DW is released with impressive graphics.........while the 360 gets the BC PS2 game, it can only hurt.
Commented on 2006-06-19 19:02:24
Games don't hurt, games do good!

This is the best version of DW5, so why complain? The japanese lap this up over things like Gears of War, so we should just be happy it's on there.

If you don't want it it's easily avoidable. It's not like it'll STOP the Lost Planets from coming out eventually. What it does is make another platform viable for playing the games they're used to playing, and the sole feature of achievements and 720p widescreen means there's more incentive to buy this over the PS2 version for your average japanese person.

And a western DW fan too for that matter.
Commented on 2006-06-19 19:11:02
What were they thinking? I dunno, this isn't even on par with the X-men port, and X-men the game is terrible. I might get boulet for this, but this game takes the cake. I wouldn't even pick it up at bargin bin price. I bet I could code something better in Maya in less then hour.
Commented on 2006-06-19 19:34:21
I was just playing this game this weekend..............<hangs head>
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