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Images of Golden Axe

Images of Golden Axe

SEGA and Secret Level woke up and decided to share some new images for the videogame Golden Axe: Beast Rider developed on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Nostalgic fans who fed their pocket money to the arcade machines way back then will be able to revisit this franchise in three dimensions. There will be ground and mounted battles, with many references to the classic. Its release date is set to this year.

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Commented on 2008-05-21 12:40:55
Ummm looks ok i suppose, i would like to see it in motion though.
Commented on 2008-05-21 12:42:14 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
Ummm looks ok i suppose, i would like to see it in motion though.
where would play the game rank?
Commented on 2008-05-21 12:51:13 In reply to PlumbDrumb
Posted by PlumbDrumb
where would play the game rank?
Um at the end when its finished i'm guessing :P
Commented on 2008-05-21 12:52:14
Last pics kinda remind me of the ground levels from Panzer Dragoon Orta. She looks a bit like the same character.

(It's a bit disappointing that the graphics remind me of an old xbox game aswell)
Commented on 2008-05-21 13:21:04
You get to battle from the top of monsters? dude! that is friggin awesome!

Looks great, looks like these are screens captured from a video.. Looks great, i bet in video this game looks stunning

Oh and the chick is hot, i recall seeing a promo art for this game and she was smoking
Commented on 2008-05-21 13:40:01 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
Um at the end when its finished i'm guessing :P
but until then, seeing it in motion will quell your fantasm?
Commented on 2008-05-21 13:47:28
the girl in the original had more curves. i want more curves
Commented on 2008-05-21 13:50:31
This might have looked better if each screen was a bit less monotonous. Right now it's either very warm/redish or very cold/blueis in a very undramatic kind of way. It just gives an overall impression of dullness. All the colors look faded, almost blurring together.

Bleh i don't like how this looks and it will certainly not be as good as the good old Golden Axe games.
Commented on 2008-05-21 14:11:39
is the internal resolution 480p or something, there are jaggies anywhere :/ Regardless, looking forward to this game.
Commented on 2008-05-21 14:47:57
Those screens don't look very fantastic, but however, I wanna see more. Can't wait for it, and hope it won't dissapoint. But what happened to her back in screen Nr 1?? Looks awful painful ^^
Commented on 2008-05-21 14:50:37
Is the game sub-HD and upscalled as Hell?
It's a blurry mess.
Posted by KnifeFace
is the internal resolution 480p or something, there are jaggies anywhere :/
Commented on 2008-05-21 15:04:11
Look at her back on pic 1... wtf?
Commented on 2008-05-21 16:06:43
if ever a game should of been co-op it was this. Shame.
Commented on 2008-05-21 16:32:03 In reply to nepton
Posted by nepton
Look at her back on pic 1... wtf?
I agree, flat butt? WTF?!
Commented on 2008-05-21 17:51:04
NO DWARF! NO GOLDEN AXE! PERIOD!... delete the dwarf .... *grumbles* fecking SEGA I knew they where dead.. *grumbles*
Commented on 2008-05-21 20:20:23
female only character only? a heavenly sword knock off?

they should make a true Golden Axe game then do spin-offs, not the other way around.
Commented on 2008-05-21 20:34:33 In reply to bleachedsmiles
Posted by bleachedsmiles
if ever a game should of been co-op it was this. Shame.
this isn't co-op?!?!? WTF!?!

a big booo for sega on this one :'(
Commented on 2008-05-21 20:45:30
Who is Secret Level?

Also the creature on pic 3 (on the left) looks like one of the Gremlins after they mutate from eating after midnight

Game looks really washed out though, and I don't want to play as some lame broad
Commented on 2008-05-22 01:13:57 In reply to EGGBOX360PLAYA
Posted by EGGBOX360PLAYA
this isn't co-op?!?!? WTF!?!

a big booo for sega on this one :'(
yep, they've deleted classic characters too. Shame, this could of been awesome with 4 players over live.

Sega never learn.. they'd rather milk the sonic cash cow and bury that into the ground than invest in something that takes abit of effort.

Give us Shenmue 3 or GTFO!
Commented on 2008-05-22 19:42:40
Why can't they just do another side-scroller with new content?
Commented on 2008-05-22 20:45:12
Lowest resolution on 360 yet? But as they're not trying to hide it by releasing super-antialiased bullshots, it's hard to rip on them too much.
Commented on 2008-05-23 02:42:41
Uh yea...wtf is this. I'll probably rent it.
Commented on 2008-05-24 01:44:00 In reply to Jollipop
Graphics probably look better in motion. Not bad looking but nothing spectacular.

One question. The pic of the two big things, with the distortion near the ground. Thats heat cause its a desert right? Cause it looks like its all coming from on tof the things junk...

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