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Images of Need for Speed ProStreet

Images of Need for Speed ProStreet

Electronic Arts announced today the official name of the next Need for Speed game: ProStreet. Here 5 images of the game, along with a trailer. I wonder if the game will really look like this though.

Trailer (MP4)
Download: MP4 HD

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Commented on 2007-05-31 14:13:15
Nice detail on the cars. Is 100% in game?
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:19:21
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:21:16
i hope so it looks amazing but i'd wish they would go back to night!
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:24:52
They might add night mode to tracks.. would make sence
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:30:44
I guessing they're doctored in photoshop, Still I've always like the NFS series and will probably buy this one too.

P.S. I didn't like all night time races, happy they changed it.
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:32:41
yeah that would be cool, and make it longer too the other need for speeds were far too short. i just hope they live up to the november release and i want to see some real gameplay too, why is every driving game now trying to be a burnout???
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:39:37
According to needforspeed.com there's 12 hours until the trailer is released : )

However the trailer doesn't show much more than the teaser, very disappointing.
Commented on 2007-05-31 14:48:10
It seems CG....
Commented on 2007-05-31 15:01:17
Amazing looking and One of my favorite game series.
Commented on 2007-05-31 15:28:59
well if that was even close to the final representation of the game, looks very... very awesome. but, EA loves to do these kind of videos for every single game they put out. regardless, NFS is a long favorite of mine and this one will only be better than the previous ones. i just wish they would bring back Hot Pursuit style NFS.
Commented on 2007-05-31 15:31:56
Yeah, it's all totally in game and real time, but will run at the standard EA 15 FPS ;) heh

Let's hope they aren't that far off as it looks nice, I haven't liked a NFS game since NFS 4 on the PS1, but that wasn't a patch on NFS 3 Hot Pursuit :D awesome game!
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:09:51 In reply to Nit3m4re
Posted by Nit3m4re
Nice detail on the cars. Is 100% in game?
Hmm.. some of the screencaps look like in-game shots with 829847xAA 8). I wonder..
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:10:46
There seems to be no aliasing at all = CG with game assets.

Hopefully the game will run more smoothly than its predecessors.
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:12:38
When looking at the shadows in those screenshots, I get thoughts of it's made with the game engine, with some added AA.

LOL! The smoke here http://www.xboxyde.com/pop_image.html?G=5544&N=5, it's OBVIOUSLY photoshopped.
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:22:48
The game will look nothing like that, you have to be very naive to belive it will look like that.
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:39:46
See what you've done EA you've made us all total sceptics!

I also like how the game is so N3xt G3n, it's gone right around the Gen clock and is re-introducing PS1 style lens flare (see pic 5). Now that is Next Gen!

Other than the fakery, it looks pretty clean environment wise :)
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:40:22
like with every need for speed,its always suffered from slowdown,i would rather them fix that issue than polish the graphics up and still have it
Commented on 2007-05-31 16:56:39
Just make Most Wanted 2 and have done with it! I liked that one :)
Commented on 2007-05-31 17:38:26 In reply to skyform
Posted by skyform
The game will look nothing like that, you have to be very naive to belive it will look like that.
That's true. This isn't ingame.

And omg at that smoke on pic 5. It looks soo fake even I could make better/more realistic smoke with photoshop (and I don't pretend to be good at it)... on the same pic the car in the shadows far to the right is sunlit, altho the cars even have selfshadowing. You can also see through the black baloons in the background. Pretty embrassing work.
Commented on 2007-05-31 19:53:44
lol,........ no way!
Commented on 2007-05-31 20:10:56
that doesn't look nearly good enough to be fake

if this ISN'T in game I'll be dissappointed because that's not even impressive looking
Commented on 2007-05-31 20:29:28 In reply to Tupacolyte
Posted by Tupacolyte
that doesn't look nearly good enough to be fake

if this ISN'T in game I'll be dissappointed because that's not even impressive looking
You've got to be joking..... that spanks every racing game ever made and its definitely not ingame.
Commented on 2007-05-31 21:35:40
I read an article from people who have seen the game in action. They say it is the most photorealistic graphics they have yet seen from a racing game.

That suggests THIS IS IN GAME.

We'll find out soon enough, but they say it's the best they've ever seen, and this looks great, yet possible, for 360 and PS3. I also feel that if they were to make a CG trailer, it would be a lot more...CG'y, looking at past games. The camera angles and car movements seem very possible for in-game here.
Commented on 2007-05-31 23:59:08
Considering how poorly Most Wanted and Carbon ran (tearing, judder, under 30fps constantly) they expect me to believe they suddenly not only learnt how to program but became the best in the industry overnight?

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