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Images of Senko No Ronde

Images of Senko No Ronde

Sega released some images from Senko No Ronde, which had a great score in the new Famitsu Weekly - 32/40. The game is released in exactly a week in Japan, and we'll have an import copy soon to make some videos of.

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Commented on 2006-07-20 14:42:03
Lookin at the images of RoboBlitz being an Xbox Live Arcade game, it feels a bit mixed dont you think? Hoe can an Xbox Live arcade game look better than a full release game? I really dont understant it.. It just feels very mixed up in my head.. Senko No Ronde Looks great fun though but still it looks very very VERY EMPTY!
Commented on 2006-07-20 14:45:34
^ Because Senko No Ronde is an ARCADE PORT. That's why. It's a popular arcade game in Japan, just like The Idol Master.
Commented on 2006-07-20 15:39:24
still....... Soul Calibur was also an arcade port for dreamcast and a very popular one too! But it was polished and re-created so nicely that the game became amazing... It can be an arcade port from the japanese market but it could also be an xbox live arcade game <<from an arcade port>>...That makes more sense dont you think? Look at all those round balls/bombs or something at picture 4 :( even though it looks fun.. Its very simplistic for a full release :(
Commented on 2006-07-20 15:45:32
I am loving the look of this game
Commented on 2006-07-20 17:32:00
I sense good times when my epileptic friend is going to try this one out :) Looks like lots of stuff going on (not sure what exactly).
Commented on 2006-07-20 18:27:13
Reminds me of EINHIEDER.
Commented on 2006-07-20 18:34:03
This looks awesome, if a bit simplistic. I wonder what Live play is like?
Commented on 2006-07-20 21:25:28
See you online. =D

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