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Images of Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Images of Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Lucasarts release a new bunch of Star Wars: Force Unleashed images. The art direction seems to have gone through some heavy changes... The game will be released this fall on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS2, DS and Wii.

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Commented on 2008-06-11 17:08:42
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:08:43
Looks incredible.
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:11:03
What the hell is this? Looks like a candy store or a saturday morning cartoon.
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:14:05
this games going to be incredible, a game with this much programming technology and awesome effects and moves... while at the same time not having a gray muted color pallet is so refreshing.
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:14:46 In reply to Harakiri
Posted by Harakiri
What the hell is this? Looks like a candy store or a saturday morning cartoon.
lol 7 and 8 make me drool with force envy
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:21:44
Blates taken from the DS version.
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:27:13

Every time I see a screen shot of two enemies being thrown into the air holding onto each others hands I think of the PA comic. XD
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:28:50
it does look a little TOO colorful. It looks like it invaded the world of JUST CAUSE or something...
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:31:11 In reply to Harakiri
Posted by Harakiri
What the hell is this? Looks like a candy store or a saturday morning cartoon.
Yeah it looks strange :P
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:39:56
"Lower saturation, first thing in the morning" lol
Commented on 2008-06-11 17:57:31
I think the colors are good, since... omg, it's still A GAME. ;)
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:01:46
I'm not a big fan of the color changes; this is like the "Vivid" setting on your television in effect and the colors look gaudy.
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:16:31
Too much Colour.. I dont like it..
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:31:22
Pretty kullerz
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:41:04
purple vader on a gay parade ^^ (dont be offended, gays are ok for me, but a purple vader? COMOOOOOON :/ )

the rest of the screenies look really look cool, though
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:58:22
Yeah, the colors are a little exaggerated but looks cool still.
Commented on 2008-06-11 19:50:40
Maybe they edited the pictures. Either way its a nice artstyle.

Also, I would love to know how a Red Sabre emits a purple glow.
Commented on 2008-06-11 19:51:36 In reply to RazorbackVI
Posted by RazorbackVI
Maybe they edited the pictures. Either way its a nice artstyle.
I think they are edited, there is no way the game will look like this.
Commented on 2008-06-11 20:11:08 In reply to skyform
I'm all for colourful games but I sense a disturbance in the Force, lol!
Commented on 2008-06-11 20:31:24
Commented on 2008-06-11 20:39:22
You don't need to put current in brackets you know.

Instead, you should replace next with current completely - after all, this is actually current gen and not next gen.

Next gen is quite a way off.
Commented on 2008-06-11 20:42:55
I like the palette, but it is waaay over saturated. I hope this game is great. I want a new Jedi Knight too, dammit. Call Raven Lucas, I'm sure they'll have time once Return to Return to Castle Wolfenstein is done.
Commented on 2008-06-11 22:06:52
Darth looks even better in Soulcalibur. Hehe, I want to see the ending product. I'm hoping for a great framerate.
Commented on 2008-06-11 22:46:41 In reply to skyform
It look better in the before image
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