X360, PS3 Friday, December 14, 2007 | 6:46 PM

Images of Top Spin 3

Images of Top Spin 3

PAM and 2K release a dozen screenshots of Top Spin 3, which we didn't hear about since last August, during the Leipzig Game Convention. The image compression is a bit dirty, but the game seems to look fine visually.

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Commented on 2007-12-14 19:09:02
Commented on 2007-12-14 19:18:48
Character detail is awesome.
Commented on 2007-12-14 19:23:37
Can,t wait all the Top Spin games have been great =)
Commented on 2007-12-14 19:40:54 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
Les jeux vidéo n'ont aucun secret pour toi!

edit : Oups, I'm on the english side ! "videogames have no secret for ya!"
Commented on 2007-12-14 20:38:54
lol @ Kudgel xD
Commented on 2007-12-14 20:49:43
Topspin2 is still great, and this one looks even better.. Especially the charactermodels have really improved.. I hope they also finally added skidmarks on the claycourts, to add to the realism.. I cannot see them on these screens, but since this is probably from a early build they might still add that kindof detail, at least I hope so..
Commented on 2007-12-14 21:03:07
............... You can't even add a stupid gimmick to this like they do to Football and the rest
Commented on 2007-12-14 22:12:36
It's funny...the first thing i thought when i looked at these shots was "it looks like a sports game". I must admit, i don't play sports games at all (last game was like NHL 96 on the genesis or something like that) but...to me they all look kind of similar, graphics wise. Maybe it's just my lack of enthusiasm for the genre that gives me a somewhat skewed view, i don't know.
Commented on 2007-12-14 23:09:38
Last Picture is from WWE SmackDown???!!!
Commented on 2007-12-15 00:46:46
I love the Top Spin series, awesome.
Commented on 2007-12-15 01:31:53
Just watch, Sega's response will be VF4!!! :)
Commented on 2007-12-15 03:55:43 In reply to FunkYellowMonkey
Posted by FunkYellowMonkey
Just watch, Sega's response will be VT4!!! :)
Fixed that for ya
Commented on 2007-12-15 04:24:03
I hope they add that Serbian kid that is pretty good
Commented on 2007-12-15 06:25:10
Djokovic? Me too.
Commented on 2007-12-15 07:25:23
And Baghdatis!!.....In tennis games you need players that are the more charismatic ones, and have something interesting in their game. Looks like they have made some good choices. Want to see the game in motion, apparently they have worked a lot on the animations, which is the most important thing i reckon.

ps. i love how they are showing federer vs nalbandian now, not federer vs nadal like normal...predicting a change in the dominant rivalry in tennis PAM? haha
Commented on 2007-12-15 20:01:13
Commented on 2007-12-16 06:41:47
Noo, no sharapova images :( :D Oh well. I love that a new Top Spin is coming. Virtua Tennis 3 was a disgrace to claim to be "tennis". It should have been a Wii game.
Commented on 2007-12-16 20:51:59
Needs to have some huge online mode to get me interested in another tenis game.

tournaments, etc
Commented on 2007-12-17 14:37:11
I hope they fixed two really annoying things from Top Spin2......

Having to change ends in single player and the camera not changing so you play from the top side (which is always harder to play from).

Having a cutscene after every single shot, c'mon save them for the important shots, skipping them over and over is just tedious.
Commented on 2007-12-18 18:14:43
wait till you see the sweat feature in action, just great
Commented on 2008-01-02 09:32:26 In reply to Grimbarian
yea, that and the ball physics. Its stupid if you do a risk shot the character only does a small and soft swing at the ball and ball end ups goin at 200 miles an hour. Hmmmm.... surprisingly no Nadal images yet, I'll be surprised if hes not included.....

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