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Images of Uncharted

Images of Uncharted

Can't stop us ! Four new images of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Nice environments and facial animations for our bearded Lara Croft.

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Commented on 2007-09-09 19:14:15
Ah, I was just playing some Tomb Raider Anniversary (loving it), and suddenly this game looks a lot more appealing. I'd still rather have a hot female as the lead, but I guess this will do, if they can nail those puzzles.
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:17:43
Cant wait later in the year to get this game :D
I hope we get a demo in the coming months, soon :P
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:18:00
the only thing i cant stand out are the "clone" enemys...but that's in every game...
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:22:25 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
Ah, I was just playing some Tomb Raider Anniversary (loving it), and suddenly this game looks a lot more appealing. I'd still rather have a hot female as the lead, but I guess this will do, if they can nail those puzzles.
Great game.. I need to finish it. I hope there's a little bit more too this than just a TR clone but I do think that aspect of it is appealing.
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:23:12
atleast the explosions are looking better...wish i had a PS3 :(
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:31:22
Really digging the whole presentation of the game. Can't wait to play it for myself
Commented on 2007-09-09 19:35:41
Simply beautiful, can't wait for this.
Commented on 2007-09-09 20:08:34
very pretty game, but the gameplay doesnt look very interesting so far, and the enclosed levels of this make even bioshock look open world :P
Commented on 2007-09-09 20:20:41
it will need to get a review to stand out as a good game.......unlike HS and lair
Commented on 2007-09-09 20:52:11
This is one of the only games that I'd consider buying a PS3 for. The environments look amazing and the animation looks fantastic as well from what I've seen from the videos.
Commented on 2007-09-09 21:27:15 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
I'd still rather have a hot female as the lead, but I guess this will do, if they can nail those puzzles.
Wouldnt that just be Tomb Raider then?
Commented on 2007-09-09 22:23:17
After playing the game at leipzig the controls still need work aiming was a pain the animation and graphics were great though..
Commented on 2007-09-09 22:42:40
awesome graphics look, great texture.
Commented on 2007-09-09 23:49:53
Very nice :)
Commented on 2007-09-10 00:53:47
This is going to be the game that makes me happy I purchased my PS3 a year ago. Awesome.
Commented on 2007-09-10 01:54:58
Saw some gameplay vids. Looked pretty stale to me. The gunplay looked like a clunky Gears of War, and the navigation reminded me too much of Tomb Raider.
Commented on 2007-09-10 02:33:19 In reply to mkk316
Posted by mkk316
Wouldnt that just be Tomb Raider then?
Exactly! We still haven't had a proper next-gen Tomb Raider.
Commented on 2007-09-10 02:40:47
this game is a must buy for me.
Commented on 2007-09-10 03:30:50
Freaking epic, day one purchase for me, naughty dog rocks.
Commented on 2007-09-10 04:33:16
Looking beautiful as ever. Gameplay looks great too in the videos. I really look forward to picking this one up. I hope the developers follow through with what they said about increasing the bullet damage so it doesn't take so many hits to kill an enemy.
Commented on 2007-09-10 08:15:24
I simply love this game. The athmosphere, the location, the themes...
Very cool game ^^
Commented on 2007-09-10 08:30:34
If the amount of comparisons to tomb raider our right, I don't see much point in buying it new... I beat Tomb Raider in a rental on 360, there is just not enough cleavage or action to make that game great. Itachi should be involved in the next one to show them how to make a female lead. . . this game looks like it has action btw, but I bet its short, and it needs online co-op.
Commented on 2007-09-10 17:50:14
Looks STUNNING. I can't wait for this one to hit!
Commented on 2007-09-11 02:59:11
some of you guys do realise this isn't developed by the creators of lara croft, but by the jak & daxter's Naughty Dog???

next gen lara is in the makes, who knows TGS might give us a peak. I have full faith in Naughty Dog, this is going to be one heck of a game..

and give us another jak & daxter!! rachet & clank next gen is out, time for jak & daxter to return..afterall, these 2 companies were almost in competition during the ps2 era, releasing their games at the same time

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