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Images of Viking: Battle for Asgard

Images of Viking: Battle for Asgard

Sega releases five new images of Viking: Battle For Asgard, action-strategy game from The Creative Assembly. Nice color palette !

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Commented on 2008-01-17 18:48:30
looks ok >.>
Commented on 2008-01-17 18:51:40
when it's one hojillion little guys on screen at the same time it looks impressive enough but pic 1, 4 and 5 looks like ass. Is this going to be one of those "tape down the a-button for 1,000,000 combo" games?
Commented on 2008-01-17 18:52:07
If all those characters at Screen3 actually do something, that will be an awesome battle.
Commented on 2008-01-17 19:20:40
I guess this is their attempt to appeal to American gamers. I'd rather see another Jet Set Radio, but what are ya gonna do...
Commented on 2008-01-17 19:40:34 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
I guess this is their attempt to appeal to American gamers. I'd rather see another Jet Set Radio, but what are ya gonna do...
Er? What makes it an attempt to appeal to American gamers? I'd say it's an attempt to appeal to those who don't want a massively deep and complex RTS game.
Commented on 2008-01-17 19:41:20 In reply to Megido
Aside from a tad too much shinyness or bloom or whatever, looks pretty awesome to me.
Commented on 2008-01-17 19:49:46
Why would Creative Assembly make a Jet Set Radio game?

Anyway, I thought Spartan: Total Warrior was a good first attempt at this type of game. If they build on what they learned this could be something cool.
Commented on 2008-01-17 19:57:52
Nice decapitation in pic 5
Commented on 2008-01-17 20:00:50
Looks better than Heavenly Sword (in game vs in game).

So if the gameplay is good, and the A.I puts up a fair challenge, and the story is good, i think we have something here.
Commented on 2008-01-17 20:50:04 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
I guess this is their attempt to appeal to American gamers. I'd rather see another Jet Set Radio, but what are ya gonna do...
Creative Assembly didn't make JSR so that would also be an issue
Also Dreamcast did well in America but not Japan, so I think they are okay when it comes to the American audience
Commented on 2008-01-17 22:26:36
Given the number of enemies on screen, I think it looks pretty darn good. The only similar type of game that i've seen on this gen is bladestorm, and it looks as though the graphics in this are better.

Again, i'm forming no proper opinion until I see some detailed gameplay footage. I've seen a bit on youtube, and i've gotta say it does look really good in motion.

I think it could be my kinda game. Huge battles, lots of enemies, but not a huge amount of strategy - mostly action using the character.

Has potential to be really good imo.
Commented on 2008-01-18 12:52:11
Wow, looks good. A lot better than the last screens we saw here.
Commented on 2008-01-18 22:21:48
I read an article from IGN on this, and it says it has the potential to be one of the best games of 2008.

Looking at the concept, pics and some of the trailers, I have to agree.

Please don't disappoint - it has the makings to be great.
Commented on 2008-01-21 12:59:18
Looks AWESOME!!!!

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