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Injustice: Lex Luthor trailer

Injustice: Lex Luthor trailer

The new video of Injustice: Gods Among Us gives hints at Superman's nemesis role in the game and shows off some of his moves.

Red Son Dev Diary
Lex Luthor

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Commented on 2013-03-09 19:33:59
Wow that idiot game dev seems to have no clue or really just NEVER read the Elseworlds graphic novel on Red Son.

In Red Son, despite Kal El landing in Soviet Russia and wearing the hammer and scycle military outfit, Kal El and neither the Soviet goverment was the bad guys, it was just an alternate history and therefore not about an evil Superman.

By simple intellect a truly evil Superman would have been if he had landed in Nazi Germany or been raised by Nazis...

The other alternate history story that was great and was about evil, power mad Kryptonians was about Kryptonians landing in the English Colonies before the American Revolution where the Kryptonians allied themselves to the king of England, excecuted the founding fathers and years after interbreeding with humans a pretty mortal and human powered Kal El started to realize how power mad his ancestors were.

I hope that Red Son is included in the game by default and is not some DLC crap, they are really going to stretch the living daylights out of this game already because people want the original comic book costumes, including the original Lex Luthor powered suit from the 80s

Game really does look good though.

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