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James Bond BS: Fighting system

James Bond BS: Fighting system

Bizarre Creations released this Behind the Scene video of James Bond 007: Blood Stone, detailing the combat system.

Behind the Scene: Combat

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Commented on 2010-09-29 09:41:22
The graphics look... OK. They're not mindblowing but I think they do their job.
Though, I really liked the combat sequences shown here. They're dynamic, well animated and have feeling. Cool.
Commented on 2010-09-29 11:04:13
hehehe BS stands for something else

*giggle like a little girl*
Commented on 2010-09-29 11:37:18 In reply to GangStarr
Posted by GangStarr
hehehe BS stands for something else

*giggle like a little girl*
Let's hope that it's not complete BS. :D
Commented on 2010-09-29 12:55:14
If Bizzare really has pulled the combat system off like the describe here, then this will be the first Bond game I play since Goldeneye.

It looks nice. Like Bourne, but better. I like.
Commented on 2010-09-29 14:46:56
I love the graphics. There is beauty in simplicity, and also good framerates. I do wish there was a slightly more dynamic look with the models, like self shadowing. Although, that might ruin the look since shadows on these so called next gen systems are rough and pixelly at best.
Commented on 2010-09-29 18:40:06
I think it looks very nice, and the combat animations are awesome. I really like how he ran up and grabbed the the guys arm from across the cover. Very nice...
Commented on 2010-10-03 21:35:57
Wait a minute...did you say Bizarre Creations? A Bond game? Huh...

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