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Just Cause gameplay

Just Cause gameplay

Swedish Avalanche Studios got alot of stuff going on. Just Cause, which impressed many during E3, is planned for a release on Xbox and PC. Swedish TV-show Kontroll visited them, and they also got some footage of the Avalanche's next-gen graphics engine to be used on Xbox 360, PC and PS3. More info inside, and don't forget to check out the very impressive next-gen engine video, which may be kicking some Oblivion ass.

Avalanche Next-gen engine Kontroll
Download: AVI
Just Cause gameplay Kontroll
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-11-20 17:45:33
OMG. Is anyone actually gonna buy any more xbox games.
Ummm. I have £40.... Should I buy PDZ, or Just cause?
Commented on 2005-11-20 17:52:10
Wow, this Next-Gen engine looks so amazing. I hope we'll see games with that soon.
Commented on 2005-11-20 17:52:25
that engine looks very impressive indeed

the game looks cool also

ill pick it up,the xbox aint dead yet my friends
Commented on 2005-11-20 17:54:46
looks like a cool game,

same with the engine, impressive. i could see that used for some sort of Ghost recon game, that would rock :)

Hopefully advanced warfighter will turn out great!
Commented on 2005-11-20 17:56:56
The game will probably be pretty nice in 720p with AA ^_^ *looks to XBOX 360's BC*
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:02:58 In reply to t1l0
any more info on what sort of game this will be,i mean it looks like the landscape is vast...

it has and i hate to use this sterotype...but it looks kind of GTA Like..

this is a good thing of course,but the graphics for xbox are A+++

i'd can't wait to see there new engine in a game,hopefully as said before a jungle war game such as ghost recon
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:07:34
The first thing i thought when i saw the engine was Ghost Recon. But i'm sure many developers could find alot to do with it.
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:11:14 In reply to Trup1aya4rea1
but its the likes of this and the video for the crytek 2 engine that get u excited about the future of next gen...i know the 360 is out next week but it wont be till about a year down the line that we see proper next gen games
or till Gears of wars
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:14:25
Wow, the next gen video is amazing! Hopefully this engine will be used alot for Open World games.
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:53:44
Damn...that even puts UE3 to shame. I hope to see that engine used in future games, especially in the ghost recon games, as well as in RPG's..
Commented on 2005-11-20 18:56:33
We Swedish people are a great race,coming from people like julius ceasar and so on.

Commented on 2005-11-20 19:03:34
Those are some stunning environments. Should have made Just cause for the 360.
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:11:17
The next-gen engine looks awesome, thinking about something like Operation Flashpoint on an engine like that makes me a little giddy! :)
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:19:18
Those mountains make PDZ's mountains look like playdough.
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:25:42
I would say Half Life 2 showed us all that all the bump- and whatever mapping isn't that important to make a game look very amazing. The textures just have to be sharp and real.
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:36:43
man at this rate, in 20 years we'll be seeing totally life-like virtual environments...won't know if they are real or just graphics ;o
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:38:09
Absolutly amazing, I can only imagine what it will look like when it is completed.
Commented on 2005-11-20 19:58:59
Those snow scenes blew me away. Amped 3 doesnt even come close.
Commented on 2005-11-20 20:07:44
Wow this engine is Impressive, reminds me of what CryEngine 2 will be able to do.
Also reminds me of Operation Flashpoint and S.T.A.L.K.E.R are capable of.

I can't image what games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be able to accomplish in 1 year or 2 from now.
Commented on 2005-11-20 20:34:05
Great ;) If you want to see an amazing 3D-Engine , not it's nit Unreal Engine 4 for two jears in development now, no , it's Gothic 3 ! Please have a look here : http://www.gothic3.com/index.php?do=09709911610511...

sorry for the big link ;)

cheers dudes
Commented on 2005-11-20 21:02:46 In reply to QuezcatoL
Posted by QuezcatoL
We Swedish people are a great race,coming from people like julius ceasar and so on.

swedish girls rock!
Commented on 2005-11-20 21:05:08
looking good!!!
Commented on 2005-11-20 21:44:09 In reply to maniacoli
maniacoli hey dude i seen gothic 3 and it looks like serious buisness and the graphics are sharp as a knife is the 360 capable of far powerfuller graphics write back asap plz as im finking of purchasing a 360
Commented on 2005-11-20 21:47:34
If this engine is going to be used in games for the Xbox 360, why does the title have a Xbox logo in front of it? At first i thought we where dealing with a game for the original Xbox here, imagine my amazement. :P
Commented on 2005-11-20 21:55:44
erm I think you guys are forgettin something. Do you know how many xboxs are in homes? Well a lot ...hehe So even if a game isn't sucessful it will still sell a lot better on the original xbox than it will on the xbox360 as there are going to be considerably more xbox's in gamers homes than 360's for a while to come.
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